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It is sad. 😟

(Topic created on: 02-04-2023 11:51 AM)
It is sad but true thoughts regarding Samsung S21+ and Samsung phones and Android UI.

It is sad but true that while at home I now prefer to use a cheap lenovo tablet on android 11 to my high spec and relatively expensive and highly unreliable S21+. 
Was much better before latest updates.
Was better for a while after resetting Google and eventually a factory reset with fresh set up and minimal changes and apps.
Still crashes and restarts on a regular basis and frustrating moments where you dared to use it!

It is sad that a work colleague asked my advice after recently buying a A50 that now constantly fails and restarts. Sad that I couldn't say anything good, I previously owned an A40 that ended up destroyed vowing never to buy again.

It is sad that on a quest to find a phone good for Internet sharing and playing games well, like Call of duty mobile, I traded up my Nokia with slightly less spec.
I miss the way my S21+ USED TO PERFORM.

From what I understand, Samsung intend to fix this latest version NEXT YEAR unless it's urgent.
With it's latest attempt at providing a stable software system that just WORKS.

Another pointless rant post done 
First Poster
My a53 does exactly the same thing, so annoying! Sent it off cause of it still been on warranty for them to send it back having not even looked at it.
Yes, " it's a software issue " is the answer for many phones returned or inspected. Devices don't have a problem.
Monthly updates seem to be a lottery on what's fixed or broken until next time.
Welcome to the club!
Yeah this new One UI is terrible. I have a Note 20 and it was a great phone...until this.
I used to think it coinciding with the S23 launch was a marketing ploy, time to upgrade when experiencing problems people.
Samsung Members Star ★★
It's really weird, I used the s21 ultra for 2 years without any issues. None that you experience. I sold it to a family member and it still works great. I can see why your dissapointed and frustrated. If its software Samsung really need to fix ASAP. Obviously this is not effecting all s21 series, as I've honestly had nothing but great experience.
All I can say is each crash triggers an auto report when I open members and the phone has been examined and as said deemed a software issue. Then first month Google was blamed before any acknowledgement of any of the problems we all hoped were fixed by this month's update.
Unfortunately not so for me.
Like I said, sad a cheap tablet will happily stream video, provide notifications, communicate seamlessly on android 11 for days on end of uptime.
But we as Samsung users have no choice but to continue with the mass experiment with no option to roll back to happier times.
We live in hope
I must add, with similar problems occurring as the rollout continues down the hill to the A series.
What problems did you face on your A53? As I have no issues with mine