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HDMI Adaptor for Galaxy Tab A6


Hello, can anyone advise on whether there is an HDMI adaptor available to connect my Galaxy Tab A6 to either a TV or a projector?

With many thanks


Hi @NicolaWS 


Did you manage to get this resolved?

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Superuser I

If your device have a USB-C connector for charging, you just have to buy a USB-C/ HDMI cable



Hello, thank you for your reply but even though this is a new tablet it has the micro-usb connector (ie the angled shaped one).

Any other ideas would be gratefully received as not only do I have to run this through an old projector, the chromecast constantly dropping connection is driving me mad!

With best wishes





I found this page talking about HDMI for your A6, hope it help


You can also check this page talking about different connections ways..




Thank you for your message with the links.  Unfortunately there is no date on this information so I cannot see if this information applies to new tablets.  It is my understanding that new tablets do not support MHL adaptors and I am relectant to buy one until anyone can confirm that it will work.

With many thanks + best wishes





The webpage support for your device is here...I show you how i found your information:




After i put the word HDMI  in the search bar and did the search, it brings me here :



Select how to use Smartview, it brings you here, you should find your information in this page and forgot about my others links bebause i realize i dont read carefully the following text , it make me giving you a wrong information "If you have an older device or TV that does not have, just click on Connect via HDMI," this is HOW i found your information...Sorry for my english..



Thank you.

Kind regards


Hi everyone,

So just as a follow-up + to definitively finish this discussion, I have been in touch with Samsung directly and have been advised that 

"Please be advised that in order to connect your tablet to your projector via HDMI, you need a tablet that supports MHL. The tablet that you have Galaxy Tab A 10.1 inch does not support MHL."


I am not sure why the newer tablets do not support MHL but there you go it appears that it just isn't possible.

So I am left with a tablet that I can't really use for the purpose which I mainly bought it ie attach to a projector for work.

The Chromecast option for watching through the tv is so jerky it is almost impossible to watch.

If I'd know any of this I simply wouldn't have bought it.  Looks like I'm going back to Apple.





Hi again, which  Android version do you have on your tablet, i will make test for you and take screenshot to show you ( if it works here)  



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