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Good to upgrade S5e -> S9

(Topic created on: 30-01-2024 02:14 PM)

Today I received a new Galaxy Tab S9 that I've moved to from a Tab S5e I bought in 2019. The older tablet has been a brilliant tool for over 4 years and I've not felt the need to change it for a more recent model given my use of this device - casual, online reading, social media, streaming video, that sort of light use. It's been the perfect device on which to read the morning newspapers in bed with a nice cup of tea!

But a few weeks ago I decided to make a change. The S5e is still good but no longer getting OS updates. It now only runs One 3.1 whereas later models from Samsung have One 6. Later models offer better performance with more powerful CPUs and GPUs to make the overall use experience even better.

In deciding to upgrade, I went for the latest Galaxy Tab S, so the S9 was the one. Not the Plus or Ultra, just the 11" S9 wifi. I ordered an S9 with 8 gigs of RAM and 128 storage, a good combination (my S5e also has 128 storage but only 6 gigs of RAM). The AMOLED screen is a must as the S5e has one. The stylus is a nice extra that I will use.

There was a nice price deal from Samsung plus a good trade-in value for the S5e. Can't wait to enjoy the S9 tomorrow with my morning tea 🫖

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I recently upgraded to the s9 ultra from the tab s7+. I must say it's great device, bit big but great. My dad still uses the tab S5e. Enjoy your tab s9 @Jangles.
Thanks, Fiona ☺️