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Galaxy Tab S3

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Hi Community,


Few days ago I have got my brand new Tab S3. Although it is an amazin tab it still seems there are some issues with software therefore, I would like to report few bugs + 1 possible hardware issue.


Before I start I want to mention:

  • The device has boot properly from the factory settings and updated to the new Firmware without any issues. 
  • Current version is Android 7.0 / Kernel version 3.18.31- 
  • The issues existed both before and after the update.


Software Issues:

  1. If from Display I choose to not use Icon Frames (Settings > Display > Icon Frames) then the icons (desktop shortcuts or apps) appear huge and blurry (really bad)
  2. [FIXED] When I am in horizontal/landscape mode and I try to move around my icons - the screen is doing a weird Zoom In that doesn't allow me to move the icons on the edge. In a 6 columns grid I can't see the 1st and 6th column full. Same goes for the TOP row.
  3. [FIXED] When I am using Briefing (from Flipboard / and yes I have done all the latest updates) - when I open an article in the native browser and I want to press BACK that takes me back to the home page and not in the briefing page - which creates an enternal loop since when I go to briefing I see again the same page I had opened earlier.
  4. [FIXED] When I am using the stylus on landscape mode and I use the Air function with the Menu when I am using Smart select - this goes off screen (so GIF Animation Menu is truncated / not visible).
  5. When I have activated Smart Select and I want to go to a portrair mode I can't. I first have to close the smart select mode and then I can do it.
  6. Sometimes there is lag or inconsitency between the virtual and the real keyboard (Samsung keyboard) when I am pressing the Lang button.

Hardware issues:

  • I think I have spotted on the screen 3 equally distributed flat lines (thickness about 5mm each) which can be visible only in White backround and low luminosity. They are rather looking like shadows or similar. Not sure if this is an issue with the particular item or it applies in all models. Could be circuits? Hard to say. It is not easily visible. I will have a more thorough look though and I may come back on this particular topic. If anyone else has observed the same please let me know.




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I've had issues with the multi window showing a static screen and the keyboard disappearing when needing to type. 

Maybe as you have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 you can anwser something for me as I just ordered one anyway dose it have the Samsung Theme Store or not?

It has the standard touch wiz launcher interface but you can use Nova or another launcher that makes it more fun. 


Hey @mBill


Are you still experiencing these software issues?



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Hi @TracyR + All
thanks for your interest.
There were a bunch of updates since then.
#1. Problem still exists. The only crispy icons are those of Samsung. i.e. LinkedIn, WhatsApp etc. are still showing pixel-ed or blurred.
#5. Not fixed. Device still doesn't auto rotates when Smart Select is ON.
#6. Partially FIXED - still there is an issue with Shift + Spacebar which switches languages. It is a very weird combination. a) there is the Lang button, b) it should be shift+alt, ctrl or simply nothing), c) I should be able to choose/modify that.
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Has anyone else had an issue with trying to either format or even access an SD card in the available slot? There doesn't seem to be any settings to even format an SD card. I have a SanDisk 64gb micro SD that works fine in my Galaxy Note 4 phone just not in my tablet. Thanks for any help with this. 


Hi There I have just purchased  a Tab s3 and updated it and the only problem I've come across is that when I set my home screen picture ( a photo from the gallery or even one of the stock pictures ) and then when it is turned off or if its reset the picture zooms in and cuts out all sides of the picture and makes it bigger. Just  wondering if any one else is having this issue. Will it be fixed with software updates or it a internal problem


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Have you had any developments on the display issues? I'm seeing the same dark and bright shadow strips on white background as you do. I've pinpointed that they are in fact a sort of reflection of whatever dark area i have on the screen, which is usually the notification bar. But when i create a new black bar on the screen, new periodic bright strips appear horizontally in increments. Likewise if i drop down the notification menu and move it up and down, the shadows shift.

Did you try to go to samsung support with this issue? Any luck if so?


Best regards,

Andrei Nitu

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