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Galaxy Tab S2 - Slow to charge

(Topic created on: 12-09-2017 11:19 AM)
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Good morning, just wondering if anyone can offer advice on this issue. 


Our Galaxy Tab S2 has suddenly decided to go slow on charging.  Left overnight it would usually charge to 100% but only got to 60% last night.  I have tried various chargers, as we have many Samsung appliances, and have also this morning bought a new Belkin mini usb charging cable and plugged this into the USB 3.0 port on the computer. It has charged about 10% in 2 hrs.


I have read that removing/reattaching the battery can help solve this issue and took the tablet to the local high street repair shop to see if they could remove the back.  He plugged the tablet into his USB chargers and told me it isn't charging, said it could be the charging port.  However, when I bring this back to the office and plug in, it shows the charging icon/battery with lightning symbol just fine.  He did say it is not easy to remove the back as they would need heat to break the seal and could risk breaking the case.  I am reluctant to go back to him at the moment.


Is there any advice anyone can offer?  


If not and needs must, I am happy to send off to Samsung for diagnosis if that's an option.

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If an unauthorised engineer break the units seals then the manufacturing warranty will be voided and Samsung won't then probably look at it for you. 


Check the charging port has no debris inside it. 


If not then yes a Samsung service location or Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre location can help by running a diagnostic on it. 

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