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Galaxy S- series Tab

(Topic created on: 28-04-2023 02:39 PM)

I myself is conciderating of bying an tablet- as an replacment for my current A7.


Since I myself is very dissapointed with this model.

Not to be nasty,but as I would say about this series " A fancy piece of *****".

The hardware may be good( such as screen,battery etc), but the software is just junk.

Junk in terms of instabel software( not developed propably), but also that there are few compatibel apps wich I can run.

Just to take some examples: The only app wich I can run quite smooth is gmaps( but it didn't run from factory,so I had to update/ factory reset to make it run)- when It comes to navigation apps.

Since this tablet has sat based GPS- Position,but since 99% of all maps uses mobile navigation( but also dev for smartphones)

Since there are issues with compatibility,the position always will be wrong.

So insted of pointing to the right direction- ut will alwas show 180 degrees wrong.

But also in general terms of compatibel " office" & web browsers.

I can run Firefox,but it's struggeling.

When it comes to other software wich are essential ( light sensor,sensor for gesters,screen display/ portrait/ landscape, languages,multitasking) it's  junk.

For an exampel if I take out my tablet outdoors- (and that sunlight will shine) the screen becomes black/ gray.

In direct sunlight the screen is pitch black. It doesn't matter if I turn the adaptive function OFF.

When It comes to language handeling( typing language)-  the unit only can handle one language at time.

So if I add more,the keyboard only will aut change to the next upcoming. In the the end freeze at english.( or the last one in the list)

When it comes to general multitasking,the unit only can handle one window/ tab/ app.

So if I'm running something in one tab( video/ audio),and at the same time read somethibg else in a different tab- the media content will be paused.


So if I would concider of bying an S- series ( S6 wich is the cheapest one) will it be better gor me? In terms of better app compatibility/ better software etc?