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Delivery to channel islands

(Topic created on: 26-03-2022 07:56 PM)
Samsung must be the worst when it's for delivery to Jersey channel islands, already has several years I try to buy mobile phones and Tablet, phone charger.. and every time at the end appears: unfortunately it is not possible to make delivery to your region.
I contacted Samsung about this problem but they just don't care, Jersey Channel islands is part of the UNITED KINGDOM but Samsung removed channel islands from any support if someone wants to buy any thing from Samsung store.
Just let me ask someone from Samsung, if my phone, Tablet... malfunction how is it possible to send to repair if not available delivery for channel islands?.
Samsung this completely joke, they just don't care.
I want to buy Samsung Tad S8 Plus but i can't buy from Samsung online store, Samsung online this completely ***** because they don't offer delivery to Jersey channel islands.
Samsung UK online store this the worst. i can see the offers but i can't buy anything, I'm very sad 😔