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Anovo - Serious Issues Samsung Warranty

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Anyone else has issues with Samsung repairs and warrenty. I have a Tab S2 that has an issue with getting 4G signal. Sent to samsung for repair and they sent to Anovo.


They said they need  £63.30 to repair a scratch on the rear case BEFORE they would fix the 4G even though under warranty. Shady at best.


Tablet returned without any repair event though I paid the £63 and the LCD screen smashed and beyond repair.


Despite providing evidence to samsung they have washed their hand of it.


Email to CEO and claim submitted via courts.


Would be interested if anyone else has had any issues as this is no way to treat loyal customers.

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Superuser I

That’s not good @SIMONb1 😞


A “scratch on the rear casing” shouldn’t hinder a repair imo.


Alternatively a crack could as that could highlight a drop which could have caused the resulting issue, and also by removing the rear casing the crack could grow. This situation wouldn’t be covered under the Manufacturing Warranty and charged for. 


I always suggest taking Time & Date Stamped pictures of a device to prove its aesthetic condition and one of it turned On to prove its condition and one of any visible water sensor. And if sending off via a Store then insist they note it’s condition too.


The Forum Team here might be able to advise further. 


I note you’ve already made a decision on how to proceed via the “courts”, so Samsung may now not be able to comment as your claim takes its course. 


I wish you all the best. 




I believe the 'crack is actually a scratch however the tablet was working when sent off.


You advice of taking photos before sending is sensible however I never expected to have these issues.

And you shouldn’t have expected these issues with the screen either. 


It’s from my own personal experience that I suggest taking these steps with taking pictures. 


All the best.




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