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Android Pie (9.0) for Galaxy Tab S4



I was wondering if anyone knows when Samsung is planning to release the Android Pie (9.0) update for the Galaxy Tab S4? The tablet itself is great but there are many great features in 9.0, such as the much improved task manager considering the current implementation feels very cramped. Gesture based navigation and adaptive battery life improvements also come to mind.

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I do agree with you that I find the tab S4 pretty laggy. In think Samsung screwed us all over giving us 4GB tablets as opposed to the 6GB one they sell in Korea. I don't know why One UI would help this, but it would be welcome if so.

Still no update, I must make the same mistake again and buy the fold lol

Does anyone know why isn't it possible to use a VPN to download the update as if I were in the US or in any of the countries where it's currently available? I've been trying to use Tunnelbear to no avail =/


The Pie update on the S4 has several issues that need to be sorted:

-worse battery life. On Oreo I managed to get 5h SOT at 50% and now it's hard to get 4h SOT with the same usage

-With the tablet locked in landscape mode, if an app forces portrait mode, the tablet is locked in portrait mode, doesn't go back to Landscape as soon as I exit that app (very annoying!!!)

-Notificstion slider sometimes showing old notifications instead of the control buttons (WiFi, BT, etcetera)

-It has trouble connecting to a WiFi network when its signal isn't very strong. 



Pie update is downloading now for wifi UK :smiling-face:


Got my pie. March patch. UK LTE here. 

FINALLY for me also, it's way long overdue but better than never.

Any notable improvements with Pie? 


Screenshot_20190526-205158_One UI Home.jpg


Screenshot_20190526-205447_One UI Home.jpg



Hi All,


What are your thoughts on the Samsung Tab S4 one UI update?


Is it worth updating or should I hold off? my tablet is prompting me to update and I'm hesitating to do so as others have mentioned that the battery doesn't last as long.


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