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Looking at what Google, Huawei and now Apple have achieved with their night mode functionality, I think the quality of Samsung's really needs to improve to compete. 


Basically there is an option in developer options to force enable dark mode for all apps. It works very well and gives a true OLED black for most apps. It is smart in the colours it inverts as well as it largely leaves images intact etc. 


To enable, tap on about phone and click on build number 7 times and then enable dark mode. Obviously some apps may not work as well. For example, Facebook looks really good but the comments section on the newsfeed becomes hard to read due to the colour inversion. Obviously this is more of a problem with the app developers than with samsung.


A lot of applications, you're going to have to wait for the developer but if you want a true taste of dark mode on Samsung One UI, enable the force dark mode on developer options and enjoy.


For true OLED Google Chrome, type in 'chrome:flags' in address bar and scroll down to 'force enable dark mode for web contents'. It looks very good and there's barely no bugs or display issues


@mun_96 Sorry my post should have been a lot clearer I meant the night mode camera option (Samsung's version of Night Sight) needs improving.

But I didn't know you could force Dark mode I will definitely have to check that out! Thanks!



My bad just read your post properly now. Good suggestion though, I agree the software for nightmode for camera could do with an upgrade, even Apples new night mode on iPhone 11 looks amazing. It's just some software optimisation but I'm sure Samsung can hopefully develop this in the near future!

Helping Hand

Hi, good suggestion Although it may be worth ellaborating..

For example I would like to see it take the picture quicker in night mode as by time it has taken the picture the subject has moved so ends up blurry


I absolutely agree! I'm not able to get results anywhere near as good as the ones from Pixel 3/4 and iPhone 11 Pro. 


Just needs some software tweaks! 


This is required when specifically the camera is so good. I believe camera is capable need software. 

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Beta Moderator

Hey @Devz  & everyone


Thanks for making it much clearer!

I agree that the hardware should be able to support this, so I will make sure to share it with the development team! :winking-face:

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Samsungs night modes and image processing is terrible especially compared to other makes.  .   .