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Importat Information For All User!!

(Topic created on: 28-11-2020 11:56 AM)
Hello to everyone....
Im a developer i want to explain some issue!!!
-Beta program dosent has certificate for gpay and banking app.
-Edge lighting and some apps like good lock need to be updated ones official Android 11 is out.till then you can t be able to use it!.
- All new features are in our beta 1 s10 family next will be added the new features are aready on s20 and note aready beta latest!
- About battery drain has some reason! 
 1- you have to come from clean official firmware Android 10 then update to beta from Samsung M
 Because if you do only update may be sure some
 Apps going in conflict eatch other then make battery drain!
 2- user need to know eatch update come with kernel brain of os who control all process run th Os on betas can be unstable because are in test for stable version on next year comes out!
 3- yellow colors appere on graphic dependes of framework-res.apk and some smali dependes like services.jar or other are smali command can be overdue by compilation in sdk by developers.
 4-Who use 3d app like Nova Launcher or other if got issue need till author of eatch app update them to android 11 binary use samsung.. if comes out some problem on 3d app not depending samsung are not problem by samsung developer but of dev of the app side!
...............Need to wait Next update sure comes weekend!........
Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator



Thanks for speaking up, but I would like to explain a few things:
- Google Pay and some banking apps may not work, but Samsung Pay and a large number of payment/banking apps may still work during Beta.

- Edge lighting settings are available during Beta, just the place of the setting has been changed (not-Beta related). The edge lighting settings can be found here: Settings > Notifications > Set notifications as brief > Brief pop-up settings > Edge lighting style.
As for the Good Lock sometimes it works also during Beta version. If it doesn't work, Good Lock team might need some time to adjust and test the new version of Good Lock. It might take a while, so there is a chance that it will be fully supported only some time after the final release.

- The features available on S20 during Beta, are the same features that can be found on S10 devices enrolled in Beta.

- Battery drain issues should be reported via the Members application, as they can be caused by various factors that should be analyzed by the developers. E.g. user enabled too many applications, third-party apps lead to excessive battery drain, etc.

- It is important to find errors when switching between Android versions, so it won't be necessary to perform a factory reset when using the official version of the software. The Beta testing is for finding bugs and reporting them. That's why it's vital to report errors when noticing problems on one's device. We can't be 100% sure which .apk or process causes the problem and it needs to be analyzed by our development team.

- And the most important, we still do not know when the next beta update will be released. It depends on the errors which have to be fixed. It might happen that the update will be available this week, but it hasn't been confirmed yet. Currently, the developers are working on fixing the existing errors, when they will be fixed, the update can be launched.


Have a nice day! 😉