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Not sure if this is a new suggestion or a bug, but while navigating using Google maps usually when the phone is locked and the power button is pressed once, the phone shows the navigation screen directly even without unlocking, which is a very handy feature while driving. 

While already navigating if I start the Samsung music app and play songs, this application is actually showing itself on top of the Google maps application while the navigation is still active. 


Everytime i pressed the power button to view my navigation while the songs were playing, the S Music app kept showing up first. I had to do a back everytime to view the Google maps application. 


This was a super annoying preference set to the S Music application over a navigating app. Probably could even end up risking lives while navigatingMusic is not as important as navigating. 


@TomaszT. Hope you can pass this information to the team and bring out a few changes. 

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator
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Hey @Arshaa 


I can see how it could potentially be dangerous.

So I will forward that to the development team, so they can take a look at this! :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

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Beta Moderator
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