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EXCLUSIVE: Dumphone/vacation/detox mode for One UI

Hi all,

So recently I saw a few videos and documentaires about millennials massively going back to dumbphones. Though I believe that many love this social media and smartphone detox once in awhile. A smartphone is an essential device in our ever growing digital world.

Though I was thinking about it more and more and well it would be super nice to introduce a dumbphone mode on One UI. For example only allowing the user to use text messenger apps like SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Signal, ... and calling with either those apps or your normal phonecalls.

All other use of apps is prohibited to prevent you from endless scrolling on IG, TikTok, Browser, etc. Or watching tons of YouTube etc.

The reason for a dumbphone mode instead of a dumbphone boils down to few things, texting with good haptics and full keyboard is king. A decent slab of screen estate is a joy to use. Especially if the mode could give some minimalist vibes and well for longer messages or conversations via text. You can still take pictures and video. + You might save some battery (though I think a real dumbphone should trump this, unless real good optimalisation but that could be at cost of photography since that often requires CPU power).

Anyways I see some if not a lot potential in such a mode. Even if it's just a 'vacation' mode or whatever. Like generally I think a lot of people would use it and it could be a niche feature of Samsung phones.

The trend of the dumbphones is very common amongst younger people and studies have found that the majority of people are between 25 and 35. This means millennials who have known both worlds really like to disconnect from time to time. Though it's not uncommon for teenagers at the moment to also just want a dumbphone. Giving them the option to opt in and out whenever they want would be really nice I believe.

Not sure what you guys think about this? Of course a smartphone remains a smartphone and should grow on that part. But things like the Kids mode on tablets is already super popular on One UI. You can expand on this even more. Like you could use the strength of Android and it's customisation here by allowing people to define 'their own' dumbphone/vacation/detox mode by choosing which apps to block out etc.

With block out I mean, even if internet is on, it will not update, not bother you, not refresh and get notifications in, heck it won't even work in background, like zero resources to it and you can't even open it when you want to. Unless you go into the settings of the mode to 'unblock' that certain app.

This is a feature that I would very much like to see. Of course people could answer by saying 'just limit yourself' but honestly such a mode can help you a lot with it. And a great deal of studies have been done already on the positive impacts of detoxing once in awhile or like living with a dumbphone entirely. Though I think many are like flex. Going full vegi or vegan is also a step too far for many, even though they want to.. well you could be a flexitarian.

Let me know what you think and as always, have a good day or night.

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Samsung Members Star ★★

can see a "Dumb" Mode having some appeal but not sure companies such as Samsung  would wish to encourage a  minimalist  Mode  on Flagships, as some customers may decide subsequently that  they do not need  premium devices. Maybe a Holiday Mode would be a bit different   However obviously a dextox at times can be beneficial.

Personally feel I can manage my social media time  fairly well.