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Some ideas and suggestions

(Topic created on: 23-10-2023 09:52 AM)
Allow more Lock screen widgets and/or changing some of them to a more preferred app of the same caliber such as the to do app be able to change from Samsung, Microsoft or Google to do.

Love the smooth transition between always on display to lock screen and back.
And from lock screen to desktop and back.
Smooth and satisfying.

In the notification panel, the bottom two buttons (eye comfort shield and dark mode), wish we have the option to change them. I really liked the security button where everythign was in one place where you could scan the device, boost the device, camera access controls and audio access controls, was useful to me.

A feedback log that is synced throughout all samsung related platforms / devices. That way you can see what you've already said, date, time etc, what service etc.

Be able to use your device (phone and even watch) as a mouse with the phone having special modes for gaming. Potentially foe those users that want quick, responsive, seemless support but also might serve as a good backup or an option until they can afford one. But also be able to use this through PC Link and maybe apple too.
I am unsure if this is already a feature if so, I have not found it yet.

Be able to change look screen background whilst on lockscreen like Apple phone and watches can.

More stock samsung wallpapers and colours.

More standalone edge panel options and having the ability to have more than one.

In this Beta, you can't have the Samsung Callander as a widget.
But also that really needs changing anyway. Its not nice to look at, everything's cramped and unreadable. Doesn't change colours to better suit the background or manually change it. Google Callander is so much better but I'd rather start using samsung own stuff that fluidly incorporates Google and Microsoft. 

Oh, and speaking of how dull, cramped and lustless the samsung Callander is, this also applies to Samsung Notes, Reminder, Contact and Messaging apps. They're so dull and too tightly packed together. It's horrid. Google's one for example is breathable and changes to the colour scheme of the device.

Samsung Notes just doesn't feel as good or as intuitive as Google Notes and I'd love to switch.

Have something like Google's Now Playing.
And Google's dynamic widget at the top where it displays all sorts fo things to weather, reminders, flashlight, and so on. I love these two features so much. That and the breathable UI is what makes me truly love the Google phones and wished something similar was incorporated into Samsung devices.
And same as Apples loud noise warning. Should be implemented into all devices honestly.

I also feel like that a lot of features on Good Lock should already be implemented into the defaults of the devices.

Do what Apple has done for device security in that they have engraved hidden codes onto the devices box, stickers, and in the charging port to cut down on the copy catting of the devices. 

Have USB debugging already automatically enabled for those who don't quite understand how to access it or how to keep their device secure especially when using public outlets.

Better screen look. I think it's a feature on the samsung S23 but it works 10x better on the Google Pixel 6 and up series. To a point where you could pick up the phone and it immediately illuminates to the lock screen. And it recognises when you look at the screen. It's just better on Pixel devices and feels a bit off on the Samsung devices.

Device assistant app seems to be buggy too. I'd select Google or Bixby and I keep having the same issue of the Google folder popping up in the notification panel, I tap it, it takes me to a screen that says I have to tap settings to set the app and no.matter what i do, it keeps happening and reseting.

Overall, I love the new UI layout design. I'm glad to see samsung finally become one of its own. And the S23 model design is ❤️. Wish that there were the same colour options for the galaxy Book, galaxy buds and galaxy watch. For example, I have the exclusive lime green edition for my S23 and i really wish that carried across into the laptop and watch. Forest green especially. This would also help stand out the other devices form other companies.

And fix bixby. Google assistant is doing way better than Bixby is.

These are just ideas. Thank you for your time.
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Another year with beta and we still waiting for option Internet speed Bar in the top of the screen, disappointed 😥
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Beta Moderator


I am glad to hear that you love the new UI layout design and the design of S23 model 😊.

I'll forward your suggestions to our team of developers 😊. Hopefully at least some features can be implemented 😉.