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Samsung Notes enhancement

(Topic created on: 24-07-2023 02:12 AM)
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I love the Samsung Notes app. I use it all day for work on my S8 Ultra.

There are three annoyances I have however.

1. I use the s-pen almost exclusively in Notes. However, every time I open an existing note it opens in keyboard mode.

Can you *Please* either add a "Default opening mode" or open the note in the mode it was opened in last time it was edited.


2. I always lock the note I am editing so it doesn't move around. That works fine, but when I first open a note, it opens in read-only mode (before clicking on 'edit' button) but here the note can be re-sized. If I do accidentally resize the note, which happens quite often, and then I click the edit button after it has been re-sized, it is locked in the re-sized resolution.

Can you please lock the notes in read-only mode (or add an option) if a note is locked in edit mode.


3. The most annoying thing in the app is if I am in edit mode using the pen. The menu option "Add Text Box| Convert To Text" pops up under my hand when writing CONSTANTLY.

Can we please disable this in the options. I have never used this option. I will never use this option. It is so annoying to have to get rid of it all day.


Other than that, I love the app. Keep up the great work.