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Designing for a more sustainable future

(Topic created on: 23-11-2021 05:04 PM)
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Respecting people and the planet is at the heart of our business. We are constantly working to find ways to minimise our impact on the environment and make a positive contribution to society, while creating products that drive meaningful change in people’s lives.

We build environmental sustainability into everything we do, throughout the entire lifecycle of every Samsung product – from design and packaging to consumption and recycling.


Sustainability is our second of the 4 themes within the Solve for Tomorrow programme. To guide the conversation, we brought together 4 inspiring experts; George Lamb (former TV presenter and founder of not-for-profit GROW), Dominique Palmer (climate activist), Joycelyn Longdon (founder of Climate in Colour), and Dwayne Fields (adventurer and Royal Geographical Society fellow).




George brings vast amounts of knowledge surrounding sustainability, particularly exploring the role that food has to play, and how making more responsible decisions about what we  consume can really help to make a difference. Dominique speaks from her experience as an activist, who believes technology is key to create progressive change, and allow us to find and connect with a community activists. She states:

“One idea, one action, can cause a ripple effect to enact change”



 Dwayne draws on his experience as a child in rural Jamaica, and how this sparked his love of nature. Finally, Joycelyn encourages us to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle through leading by example, and being vocal about what you believe in.

What sustainable lifestyle choices have you incorporated into your life?

How do you see technology playing a role in designing for a sustainable future?


Join our free, CPD accredited On Demand course, where you can hear from all of our experts, or catch up on their talks here.


You can also join our Discord community, to continue the conversation on sustainability with our Solve for Tomorrow mentors! Click here to join the community now.