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Smartthings On samsung TV or Aeotec Hub

(Topic created on: 01-09-2023 02:16 PM)
First Poster

I have samsung Smartphones and Television and i have enabled the HUB feature on me TV but i seems to stop responding from time to time. its like the smartthings hub goes to sleep. im not sure it its something it can do if it looses connection to the WI-FI some times. 

Also i have wondered if my way into smartthings should be the Zigbee dongle onto the Back of the TV or i should go with the Aeotec hub. It seems like the Aeotec hub is Needed if i want to use Z-wave devices but so im not sure what route to take. 

Also right now i have enabled the HUB feature on my tv but will it recognize the Aeotec Hub and will they work well together or will i have to disable the hub feature on the TV and let everything go through The Aeotec hub if thats the Route im taking?

When do we get the Smartthings station i need one on my bedside table as soon as possible and one in the livingroom.