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Samsung SmartHome app vs. Samsung SmartThings app

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Hello everybody,


I own several Samsung devices in my home and we all love to control and monitor each of them using our smartphone. I always used the Samsung SmartHome app for iOS but recently I came across with a similar app called Samsung SmartThings (also known as Samsung Connect).


Both apps seem to do the same thing. The Samsung SmartThings app seems more polished and modern looking. 


What is actually the difference between the two apps ?

Why is Samsung keeping two different apps for the same purpose ?

Is Samsung SmartHome considered "legacy" and Samsung SmartThings is the new app ?




Hey @iosifmila


The Smartthings app is also used alongside out Smartthings items, such as light bulbs, door locks/bells, etc. 

You can add your TV, washing machine and other appliances to the Smartthings app so it's all in one place. 



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I like and tried both of them I use the applications both one for private and the other in our company 


I will love to know the difference between the two apps because I never knew Samsung has 2 different apps Samsung SmartHome app and SmartThings app

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I'm with you Collins9;  As far as I'm concerned, not one response to the original question was written with clarity. Further, that Samsung doesn't monitor this forum, or provide readily accessible answers to what should be a basic question in ones mind upon observing that there is more than one application available for rendering and utilization, adds to my growing unease with with regard to relying on Samsung as dependable.  I suspect that Samsung is loosing touch with their customer base which is chipping away at Good Will, the intangible asset with a relatively calculable monetary value, and are spending excessive  resources myopically zeroing in on the infamous bottom line; the line that many times is misleading due often to incomplete, and frequently times incongruent informational feeds, as to whether or not the viability of remaining a going-concern remains an prudent option or not.  It's a sad state of affairs. Well, moving on to orher areas of the WWW in my pursuit of a sufficient and logical answer to the question of, "What is the difference between the SmartThings app and permissions, compared to the seemingly older app called "Smart Home."

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