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Family Hub 2.5 upgrade FHUB3M.KM.EU.RF9500.MP 20180528_053158

(Topic created on: 02/06/18 22:29)
Smart Home

I received an update for the fridge which looking on the help is called Family Hub 2.5.


This seems to be as described, halfway between Version 2.0 (Tizen 3.0) and Version 3.0 (Tizen 4.0)


Its a mixed bag, 

For me there are a few issues.


1. In 2.0 the motion sensor cancelled the screen saver. This version needs you to swipe which if you are cooking means putting this down to swipe. I appreciare Bixby could help but not a great enhancement

2. The Bixby control is now included. It however is described as US English and frankly not great at US englsh either.

3. SmartThings is now included. This replaced Samsung connect and was keen to start using the function. It however does not work and SmartThings quickly told me they will have to get to me by email (Which suggests to me that its acknowledged as buggy with no solution)

4. A Ring app for the door bell is a great app if you have one. Sadly in the USA, consumers got one free and despite paying around £3k in the UK we did not.

5. SmartView is the new name for the TV and Phone Mirror functionality. I found this to be slightly laggy so synic of words and image were slightly off.

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Smart Home



Where can I download the latest firmware ? Fridge console displays v2.0 and the update firmware option is greyed out. 

Voice control feature is what I want to re-enable.