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Why is Samsung Cancelling S22 Preorders?

(Topic created on: 25-02-2022 07:39 PM)
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I preordered a S22+ phantom black 256gb with trade In and 2 year Samsung protection on the 10th of February. After a week it still said processing on However, the money was still in the pending section in my mobile banking app. On the 16th the money was back into my account. I spoke with my bank who advised that Samsung did not process the payment so my order in essence does not exist. My bank advised that if Samsung then tried to take the money from my account it will be rejected.


I spoke with Samsung customer service X 3. I was advised that they can see the order still on their system. They advised they only take payments when ready to ship. HOwever, since my bank has pointed out if they try to take the money out it will not go through, I was advised to cancel the order and reorder.


I reordered the same phone on the 17th after being given the go ahead by Samsung and that the phone is still in stock and it will be delivered on the same date as before. Up to yesterday I tracked the order on my Samsung account. It went from ordered -> processing -> preparing to dispatch.


To my dismay, today it has now gone to processing. When I click on tracking it says this order has been returned to the consigner upon their request. 


I have called customer service and is being told after being put on a lengthy hold, that the phone is out of stock and they are unsure what is the status of the order.


I am very frustrated, disappointed and upset as I am a long standing Samsung supporter. I am yet to have a satisfactory resolution of this issue. Neither do I know why Samsung is cancelling orders after giving customers guarantees that the order will be fulfilled. 


I specifically, preordered the phone to arrive on the 12th of March as it is needed as a priority for my work and needs. Now I'm uncertain whether I will be able to get the phone in time.



Only my opinion ... Is they are getting so many returns with the problems with the S22 series ..they have put delivery on hold as costing them so much in returns ...there going to fix problems first before sending out phones but only my opinion
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You seem to have an agenda or something to do with XDA.
You realise that this article is now out of date in part after a software fix has been sent out

Only my opinion, but your talking out your a*** 

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I can certainly understand the disappointment your feeling over this.

In my case I pre ordered the Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb in Phantom Black and a hold was placed on the funds by my bank.

Then a few days later the hold lifted and the funds dropped back into my available bank balance, and then on the same day Samsung took the funds for my open pre order.

I didn't have to do anything and my bank didn't reject the amount being taken by Samsung so I'm not sure what's happened in your case.

The Samsung Community Forum Team here do not have access to accounts to be able to help so really it's the Samsung Online Shop Team who need to assist to advise on that.

There is a direct email address I can give to you if you wish.

If you go onto the Samsung Online Store is the phone model your interested in showing as In Stock ?

Another alternative is to buy the phone from another retailer i.e in the UK places like Argos etc. There is a Where to Buy button you can tap on to see alternative outlets.

In regards to the Samsung Galaxy s²² Series of phone's there has been some teething issues in connection to software which from what I've read has been addressed by Samsung via an official statement, and followed by a swift software update that's been sent out.

I've just completed the update on my Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra this morning.

The discussion between SnapDragon and Exynos SoC variants has been one that's been broached with every phone that's been released that hasn't had a SnapDragon chipset in it.

People have their own thoughts on this subject. 

I've owned both versions of the Samsung Note²⁰ Ultra and I can say from that the SnapDragon gives better optimisation which helps with battery usage. Around 1 hour extra.

I'm pretty sure the phone delay isn't anything to do with people sending their phone's back, as Samsung would have stock available. They recently released flagship phone's so perhaps the colour or internal storage capacity option you've chosen isn't available for shipping just yet. This can change quite quickly. 

People send their phone's back for a multitude of reasons ranging from issues they've encountered and don't like to personal cost implications to buyers remorse.

What we do have is members who have not actually owned a Samsung Galaxy s²² Series phone picking up on various tech articles and threads on forums and linking them into threads they find. It's their perogative as a member.

However you proceed I wish you every success in acquiring the phone of your choice.  😎

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra 512Gb ~ Titanium Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Dalton Mcgillivary
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The same thing happened to me 5 times 5 I tried ordering a zflip4 and the order kept getting cancelled I had the money in my card and there was no issue with it and no issues with my address but Samsung still cancelled my order I called customer service 4 times and they all said the issue is my address and they don’t ship to my location but I bought a case from them and it shipped to my address fine and I ordered a flip 3 from them last year and it went through dose any one know what the hell is Samsung doing.