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Why is customer service such a mess

(Topic created on: 24-04-2022 02:22 PM)

So if anyone's up to date with my post you will know Samsung tried to take money from me and locked me out of my device due to a big f**k up on there end.

Thankful it was sorted but they were cold and kept handing me off and never apologized for this big mess they created. Anyways I was told my device would be unlocked very shortly well would you believe it's now been three days and I'm still without my device having to pay my contract etc.

Got told this morning on the phone that it's being rushed with urgency but if this is what they call urgency I'd hate to imagine it without though this is pretty much there ways of saying leave us alone.

Luckily I know have a backup but it still doesn't excuse there attitude and actions, if I didn't have a spare I'd be without a phone and with my disabilities as explained before that can be potentially fatal for me!

But honestly I've talked to every department Samsung has because every Agent I spoke to tried to Palm me off to someone else you tell by there voices about how much they didn't care and not to be sexist but it was all men that tried to ditch me while the women I've talked to have frankly been lovely to me(I'm a dude myself too) the guys sounded like they've never slept a wink it was kinda hilarious but frustrating!

Anyways I'm gonna keep on ranting till Samsung fixes there mistakes how can they have such awful customer support and the few good ones are far and few, I do feel sorry for these people but they choose this job and knew what to expect from angry and frustrated customers if you're not up for helping someone then leave and yes I understand this might be the only job they can get but it's still no excuse to Palm off your customers.

Honestly had better customer service from Indian scammers 😂

~Me and Samsung are in a love hate's kinda messy though!~

Yikes, the unlocked it weirdly at 1am last night but still it's a horrible excuse by them! I really hope they unlock your device soon bud!

~Me and Samsung are in a love hate's kinda messy though!~