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Who is still waiting on their pre-ordered S20 Ultra 512GB?

(Topic created on: 13-08-2020 09:46 PM)

On February 11, 2020 I placed a pre-order for the S20 Ultra - 512 GB, which would initially be delivered on 13.

Samsung told me by phone, that I was one of the first to pre-order from The Netherlands.


On March 10th  Samsung informed me that this delivery date will be postponed until May.

It is almost July 2020 now and in the meantime I have not heard from Samsung. This is incredibly bad and just cannot be justified.


Just contacted Samsung by phone on +31(0)88-9090100. I wanted to ask them why they didn't inform their customers in May, instead there’s radio silence. After all, Samsung knows that they won’t supply Exynos devices with 512GB. At least, not in May 2020.

So, why not send us a message IN ADVANCE if Samsung does not plan to deliver in May !?


To be honest, I was/am somewhat annoyed by this. But on the phone it became increasingly worse, because apparently I should not complain about a pre-order of more than € 1600,-  which I already paid in February. At least that's what I got from the conversation in the end…


The way Samsung deals with me (and no doubt many others), is enough reason for me to take my loss and say goodbye to a former great company with great products.


Therefore I just cancelled my order! (after almost 5 months)


My acceptance limit of customer-unfriendliness acting by a store/supplier has been exceeded, with the telephone conversation being the final straw.


Keep in mind though that I’am a Samsung fanboy. I have purchased 60+ pieces of Samsung devices several times in the past, from a purchasing manager position.

In addition I bought the Samsung’s first tablet, Samsung 3D TV (8700) and the Galaxy devices ranging from S plus, S2, S4 and S4 Active, S5 mini, S7edge etc… But now I’ve encountered the rude and silent communication from Samsung, I find it to be incredibly disappointing.


The “free” bud+ with the pre-order has already been delivered early March of course. These were supposedly € 169. Now that I cancelled the pre-order, I won’t suppose that Samsung will take them back, since I used them already. After all, the S20 Ultra would be delivered in May…


One final tip for the South Korean company: “Be nice to your customers Samsung! Who the -fliep!- do you think you are!?”

Keep up this attitude to your customers who spend this kind of money on your top flagship phone in pre-orders which they replace every 2 years and see how far you get.


So, who is still waiting for their pré-ordered S20 Ultra 512gb?


It's a pain in a place where the sun does not shine, BUT ... finally I got my money back.


June 28: Canceled by phone via the order.

July 1: Called once more just to be sure. I can expect a confirmation of cancellation within 3 working days.

July 13: Samsung radio silence. No mail, no call, nothing. Listening back the recorded phonecall with Samsung. Yes, she really said 3 working days ...
July 13: Mailed Samsung, in which I request Samsung to still take care of the cancellation of the pre-order.
In the light of the events so far, Samsung is given a last opportunity to respond within 7 working days AND to refund the amount of the pre-order within 14 days.
If Samsung chooses not to, Samsung is in default and I hold Samsung liable for all damage suffered and the resulting future damage. After all, my time is also not free.

July 14: Mail from Samsung with "Good news". I receive a shipping confirmation which says that my order is on its way. Huh? What!?
July 14: Called Samsung again ... Talked about 5 minutes with Janice, after explaining once again that I had already canceled the order, she puts me in wait and "is going to check it for me". I was on hold for 8 minutes ... and after that Samsung simply hangs up. *Sigh*...
July 14: Took a deep breath and counted to 10. One, two, 3, 4, ... 2599, 3600! An hour later I made an attempt to call Samsung again.
I was advised to refuse the packages. There are no additional cost for that. The person on the phone couldn't see that the order has been canceled, but suspect that the specialists are working on it.

July 15: At 13:42 Dynalogic is at my door with my phone. This is almost unbelievable, but there is the long-awaited S20 Ultra 512GB, YES !!! Finally! You know what? Keep the d@mm phone... If the communication about a sales process (the one proces where you as a company make money) is so groundbreaking bad ... what about the product, the S20 Ultra !? No, just take that phone back please.

July 18: multiple emails from Samsung. The return procedure has started.

July 20: Mail from Samsung. Refund confirmation
July 22: Another email from Samsung. Refund confirmation


At the end I now own a brand new USB-C to headphone adapter, still packaged, for which I paid € 15.

I have learned my lesson never to order directly from Samsung again in this live.
--- End of (my) drama ---


But perhaps the number of Samsung fans is steadily decreasing. As Samsung Benelux, they will have to try than twice as hard to get all those Samsung fans back. It is easier to keep an existing customer than to score a new one. Butta... hmmm.

Still am wondering if there are die-hard Samsung fans still waiting for their S20 ultra 512GB device. Please let me know. If there is no response on this thead, then that is an answer too.


I'm still wating for Samsung to solve thier "availability issues" also. They offered it at the roll out, they need to follow through.


True Rocketbob, the question remains: Will Samsung follow through?

I'm getting the feeling that the "availability issues" are a smoke screen for gaining extra time trying to resolve current S20 Ultra problems...

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how can i order it