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What kind of wait for S22 Ultra, 256GB (Exclusive Colour)?

(Topic created on: 04-01-2023 04:11 PM)

My wife decided to take advantage of the high trade-in valuation and the £300 cashback offer and placed an order for an S22 Ultra, 256GB in Sky Blue on 15th December.
We've seen various different delivery time scales - when she actually placed her order it was actually showing as "in stock" but we now know that cannot have been the case. I can see 2-3 weeks listed, 3-4 weeks listed and then on another piece of paperwork - 6 weeks.

I see that Samsung are no longer offering the "Exclusive Colours" for this device any more, so I assume she is getting one of the final batch runs in this colour.
Just wondered if anyone had any realistic time scales she will need to wait? Full appreciate 15th December was lead-up to Christmas and we're only just into the New Year.
We obviously have this hard & fast date of 20th February - as that will be 60 days after the £300 cashback promotion ended and would be the final day we could actually claim it.

Order is on "Processing" - where it has been since the afternoon of December 15th.

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The exclusive colour is made to order. I had to wait 6 weeks to get mine.
But when you placed the order it would have said 4 weeks.
Unfortunately updates are very few and all you can do is wait. Customer Support will only have the information you have on your order.
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@StoufferTheCat  personally to date I have not ordered exclusive colours but there is always going to a bit of a wait,  in the past Some Members quoted 7 weeks.  Therefore can be a bit tight for promotions, hopefully you will receive it in time though and ideally should not take longer than that.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.


Thanks both. Lets say the phone wasn't dispatched in time that allowed us to claim the cashback (that would be around six weeks from now) I'm assuming we could just immediately return the phone for a refund? What made the phone attractive was the rather high trade-in offered on the old S20 FE and the £300.

Or, from a Distance Selling Regs (I know - it has a new name now) is this considered a "Custom Order" that we cannot return?

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Hi, there are restrictions on the 14 day cooling off period on bespoke or custom made products. Whilst your phone is custom made you could argue a colour could be sold on to anyone who likes it. Think the rules are more directed at fabrics cut to measure or items monogrammed or engraved for example.
Send an email asking if cashback will be honoured ( it should be as delay is down to Samsung) and if not, ask can the order be cancelled/returned for refund. I always email for paper trail as a lot of so called "recorded calls" are not recorded