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Washing machine purchase

(Topic created on: 04-11-2022 01:41 PM)
First Poster
Samsung is the worst company to purchase from. I purchased a addwash machine on the 28/10/2022, the delivery date was the 31/10/2022. Upon delivery I noticed they sent me a white machine instead of the silver. So I didn't except it and I sent it back. They have had more than 48hrs to tell me what was going on. 3 phonecalls later total amount of 5hrs, they still can't tell me if they received the white washing machine that I didn't order. I've always used Samsung for phones, tablets, washing machine, but they are the worst company to contact. I absolutely hate this company, how can they do this to people who buy their products, all they've done is fobbed me off with excuse after excuse and patronised. This company has made me feel distressed, let down. Even if they didn't have the washing machine that I wanted they could of called me to ask if I wanted the 9kg, but instead they sent an alternative which I didn't request. If anybody is thinking of buying a washing machine or any Samsung product, please go through another outlet never buy direct.