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Very late order dispatch from Samsung UK

(Topic created on: 06-10-2023 09:30 AM)

Had ordered my replacement watch 6 classic when first advertised and promised a delivery of the 29th September 2023,

Order still showing processing but with the same date of 29th, been onto Samsung THREE times and been given the same story ... "we have a technical problem at the warehouse, and should be resolved shortly"

So paid for the watch and no idea when it's coming, Samsung used to be a great company for customer care ... now not so much.

The absolute worst customer service. Two weeks waiting for the fold5. Ordered 22nd of September. Tracker is still showing processing and the delivery date is still fixed to the 28th of September. No confidence in the CS staff Ive spoken with. No one knows what's going on or can give a clear understanding of what to expect. Very happy to take £1749 off someone but won't offer decent support. 
I have ordered a tablet and a watch on the 4th of September was told it will be delivered 18th September... well its now October 12th and still nothing. I have contacted countless times same story over and over about this bloody warehouse.
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I've had a similar experience. Ordered an S23+ on the 22nd September for delivery on the 6th October, which seemed quite a long delivery time but it was fine - I needed my phone before I went away for a few weeks for work on the 11th. I checked the status of my order on the 5th as I was surprised I'd not had a dispatch notification, and it was showing as not yet dispatched. Someone on the online chat reassured me that it would indeed be delivered on the 6th and I'd receive an email and text from DPD. The 6th comes and I receive nothing.

I've since contacted Samsung numerous times via the online chat and get a similar vague and unhelpful reply to yours about the system being down. I've been given various different timescales and just told to wait patiently for an email from DPD. The order is still showing as due to be delivered on the 6th (over a week ago now) and today I was told it wouldn't arrive before the 19th. 

Absolutely shambolic customer service from Samsung; if I hadn't contacted them to find out what is up I would have absolutely no idea what was going on. I can't believe they haven't even bothered to email all customers with active orders to apologise and give some kind of timescale for delivery and offer to refund orders or give some kind of compensation. They are also still taking orders and have no mention on the website of the ongoing issues with their warehouse.

It's absolutely appalling behaviour from a huge multinational company. I've had Samsung phones for 20 years but this will be the last I buy. If it wasn't for the fact I had bought a protective case and would be out of pocket buying elsewhere, I'd cancel now and buy a Google Pixel. 

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I ordered on the 25th of september but its now the 5th of november and still no updates on my delivery even if they have said my order is on the way and that it has been dispatched. For a whole week they have told me to expect and update email within 2 days