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upgrade programme

(Topic created on: 28-11-2022 05:38 PM)
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im trying to upgrade my wifes S21 ultra, when i enter my details it sess congratulations i can upgrade and gives me a choice of the FOlD4 or FLIP4. but when i choose the FOLD 4 i enter the details for my phone and i get the message: Error submitting the Grade of your device, please try again later. and i can go no further. this has been happening for the last 3weeks. i spoke to some on chat but she didnt seem to know anything about the upgrade programme, she said i can only upgrade to the s22 but that is currently unavailable on the upgrade programme. why does it it other me the FLIP and FOLD phones as choices then? what's the point of the Upgrade programme if i cant upgrade? id Appreciate a reply from someone at Samsung who actually knows about the upgrade programme.  if there is no upgrade available i want to return my phone and close my klarna account as this has been miss-sold. 

Does your wife already have a device you are trying to upgrade for? You might have to input her details in and not yours which could be the reason why it returns a error message all the time, also you can't upgrade to any device you may like, it all depends what device you currently use. You may find it better if you visit a smartphone shop and discuss it better with the staff there.
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I tried to upgrade from my Note 20 Ultra to the Fold 2 at the time.
But was told that I could only upgrade to the newset model of device to the one I have. Indeed its in the small print.
That said, when the Fold 3 came out Samsung announced the Note range of phones was ending. So was given the option to upgrade to the Fold 3.

You can pay off the remainder of the contract you are on and start a new one but with a different device.

Also I think, and not 100% sure. There is a window of opportunity to upgrade in. If you go passed this, I do not think you would be able to.
But check the small print of the contract you have.

As to why they give you the folding phones as an option. I can't say other than it could be a fault with the website.

But honestly the S22 Ultra is a great phone and I'm really enjoying my experience with it.