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Tablet Trade-In Scam?

(Topic created on: 31-10-2022 11:25 AM)
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Hello Community

I contacted Samsung through chat to ask about sending in my tablet for repair. I wanted to keep my tablet and just have it fixed but the warranty had expired. I only contacted them because I wanted to start that process. The rep said that it was better to buy a new one than have it sent in for repairs. I explained that the tablet does not turn on and nothing comes up on the screen. They just kept saying I could trade-in. I picked the new tablet and ordered it with the trade-in option. However, the rep said it had to be marked with 'any condition' to qualify. I messed that up and had to cancel and reorder with that option. Throughout this entire process, I was not once told that the device had to power on and stay on. Obviously, I get the paperwork to do the trade-in and it states that I have to turn it on and reset the tablet. I contact customer service again through chat and now they are saying I cannot do a trade-in with a non-powered device. I wanted to repair my device and not get a new one! What is the point of scamming people into a trade-in option?

I went back into a chat with a different rep and was told that I cannot trade in the tablet and would be charged. I don't want to pay top dollar for a new tablet. I wanted my old one fixed.... I am waiting for customer support to email me about a fix. 

Has anyone else run into this issue?