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Still waiting for refund for TV

(Topic created on: 12-11-2021 09:36 AM)
First Poster

What a bad experience im having with trying to get a refund for a TV i refused delivery for.....

27th October purchased QN85A and realised I wanted the QN94A so i contacted support to cancel order, they said that it had gone through and they couldn't cancel order. Only way that for me to get a refund was to refuse the delivery of the order, as directed I refused delivery on the Sunday (31st Oct). This week I have had several chats on the progress of the refund and they told me it takes 7-10 business days for refund, well today is day 10 and just spoke on the phone this time instead of chat. They have just told me now that they did not receive TV into the warehouse until November 5th and that I have to wait until next Friday?? 19th November???

I am so annoyed as payment has been taken from my Paypal and I feel that samsung is delaying my refund, what do i do as this makes no sense. I have in the meantime purchased the correct TV and have just put a claim into Paypal, this shouldnt happen with a big company like this.....

Any suggestions would be great