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Still no refund after almost 2 months, atrocious customer service

(Topic created on: 15-03-2023 09:20 AM)

I bought a Z fold 4 to try on the 8th of January but changed my mind and returned it, it’s been ages and I’ve had no refund or even attempt to contact me unless I harass them and even then it’s just “we’ve raised this to the team wait 24-48 hours” and then I get nothing.

01/02: Sent parcel via DPD
03/02: Parcel Delivered
11/02: no response until this date, told the free items weren't included in my return parcel. If they looked properly, they'd see the screen protector on the phone and the leather case in the parcel. Email sent within an hour to explain the situation.
15/02: finally got a response back saying they found the free items and the refund has been processed. I was told 3-5 working days for my refund to come, and still hadn't received anything by the 5th day.
20/02: Asked for an email response/update on the situation and was told 24-48 hours, had no response at all.
22/02: Contacted again after 48 hours via phone call and they told me the refund actually failed on the 15th, but nobody told me anything until I chased it up myself. I was then told I'll get an email by the end of the day (10pm), but didn't get anything.
23/02: Contacted again in the morning, told I would get a personal email from the manager by 1pm and had nothing at all.
28/02: had enough so issued a chargeback with my bank as Samsung didn’t care enough to do anything about it, bank suggested requesting an ARN for them to track the money that Samsung supposedly issued
03/03: get the ARN and ask for dates of attempted refunds and bank says none of them show anything, they can’t see anything for any dates incoming from Samsung
07/03: I get an actual email receipt and official confirmation, not just a ticket response, saying my refund has been successfully issued and to wait 3-5 days for the 3rd time
14/03: contacted every single day asking for an update, some people saying the most recent attempt was days before the email receipt, some people saying it’s been successfully processed, many people blaming me for doing a chargeback when 3 out of 4 supposed attempts failed before the chargeback was even considered
every single day I contact, I’ve called and gone on live chat close to 50 times now chasing up yesterdays promised email of “24-48 hours later” and I’ve had probably max 2 emails with anything useful in it which turned out to be lies anyways
it’s gotten to the point where I have no choice but to publicly share this as they clearly don’t do anything, I doubt they will even now as they make 100 false promises and clearly they don’t care about their reputation or customer service, £1649 that I’ve had held from me for literally no reason
Hopefully this can get them to actually do something my emails live chats phone calls and anything is useless 🙃
Get a solicitor on to it and get them to recover their costs fully from Samsung too.
This is totally unacceptable behaviour.

If I had the money/knowledge to then I definitely would try, but it’s so intimidating and troublesome that I’ve got no choice but to put up with it

to make it worse, I waited since last Tuesday for an email response regarding the refund and they told me “In line with your refund, please be advised that we are unable to proceed on refund as you raised dispute on your bank, for us to proceed kindly cancel the dispute”… which is incredibly stupid because I sent a long explanation of the situation on the 23rd (copied  pasted and re sent on the 24th too) detailing that they couldn’t do it before the chargeback anyways and I don’t want to close it as they’re clearly untrustworthy and unresponsive… 

It's a bad situation. It's an unfortunate lesson to us all. It's better to go to a phone shop to purchase a handset. At least if any trouble arises you'll have a face to face place to go. Where you can explain the situation in person. I would never buy a phone online from anywhere. Even when buying a TV. If I can't walk out of a shop with it, I don't want one.