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Samsung Trade in - payment update issue

(Topic created on: 16-05-2022 11:18 PM)
rohit k
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i have made a trade in for one of my old samsung phones to a new one back 8 months ago.


I keep receiving the email about a payment pending and Samsung was unable to charge my card. below is the email. However from past few weeks i have been trying to call samsung , chat with samsung serveral times i always was being routed to wrong department with no help provided to update the payment neither can i update my payment nor can i have sumone on cusotmer support do that. i am wasting 30-40 mins almost eveyr time i call sasmusng support , and today finally i recieve an email about collections which is ridiculous and unacceptable.

Please help me out of this annoying situation. 


Hi Rohit k,

Unfortunately, we are preparing to send your account to a collection agency. To avoid serious credit-related consequences, please update your payment information immediately so we can complete your transaction. We are also going to disable your new Samsung product as a result as per our trade-in terms and conditions.

You agreed to send a trade-in device as part of order #US******, which did not meet the requirements for a trade-in credit. We have attempted to charge your Credit Card account for the $179.97 trade-in credit owed several times and payment was declined.

Sincerely, Customer Service

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You will be better off asking in the Samsung community in the U.S
They should be better off with advice as the trade in situation here in Europe is going to be a little different