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Samsung Fold⁵ and Samsung Flip⁵ Pre-Order Thread.

(Topic created on: 4 weeks ago)
Samsung Members Star ★★

Care to share which model and colour and storage option you've chosen to purchase.

Did you bag a good deal ?

Have you been provided a date for delivery ?

What prompted you to pull the trigger 🤔 ?


Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512Gb in Phantom Black.

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I got a bit bored of the Ultra's and didnt want to go from an S21 Ultra to the S23 Ultra. I had played around with a ZFold in store and fell in love with it. The price at that time was around £2000 so I never expected to actually buy it any time soon.

Lo and behold, I am checking new offers on the samsung multistore portal (portal offered through employer benefit scheme) and ended up buying the Zfold 1TB for the same price as the 256 GB for £1,227.69 and the galaxy classic 6 watch for 228.69. I opted to trade in my watch 3 for £80 and S21 Ultra for £200. Order total was £1,456.38.

I changed my mind about trading in the S21 Ultra and paid them the price difference of £200 so it cost me 1656.38.

I got £123 cash back via the perksatwork portal so total cost to me £1533.
I submitted a claim for £75 google play voucher and also got 12 months free disney. I just found out from these forums that I could have used Zsave100 code for another £100 off but thats my own fault for wanting to trade in then changing my mind about it after.

I am hoping to sell the s21 ultra on ebay for £350 to £400. So fingers crossed!


Flip 5, 512gb in Mint, Pre-order with 'free' buds pro 2.