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Samsung Disappoints Again

(Topic created on: 15-05-2021 12:18 PM)
Today i received my Book Pro that i pre-ordered.

I have purchased multiple items over the years and all bar my TVs have always come nicely presented/ additionally boxed and really gave the impression from packaging alone that you have a premium product and also one that was protected in transit.

Not today.... 
The laptop came in its original box then placed in a plastic DPD bag. This meant that not only did the bag had several holes in through transit, but so too did the box.

Not great but worse to come........

I called Samsung, asked could i travel to a store for a replacement but i was told no.
Then i was told that i would have to wait two weeks for a return with timescales below:-

Collection would be in two days
Allow three days for return
3-5 days to inspect item
They would then refund the item
Once refunded 3-5 days they would then order new item
If in stock this would then take again 3-5 days for delivery.

I get that some companies cant take stock from a store if placed via the internet but why cant they offer a simple swap out at the door. 

Also ans perhaps more importantly, why cant they package a £1500 laptop sufficiently to reduce risk of damage in transit.

When speaking to Samsung i asked the advisor to speak to their manager about the concerns of getting another laptop shipped in the same way, she proceeded to blind transfer me to another department who i explained the whole saga again before being told they could not help and had no access to the systems required.

Premium service from a premium brand......... not at all!!

The saga continues...... i ring back the online shop and after 15mins of arguing they finally agree to transfer me to a manager which was done after a further 10 minutes on hold waiting

Manger informed me that the only other thing he can do is ask for a doorstep swap but he wont know until Tuesday/Wednesday which maybe declined.

As an emergency worker it is so frustrating that this now impacts not just on my days off but now having to deal with fitting in around my work.

I even offered to go to a store and buy a second item and wait for a refund if he could provide a voucher for my work discount that i am entitled to, which he said was not possible.

So laptip arrived at 09:26
called at 09:48
Ended call at 12:11

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Perhaps you've missed the fact that the world is sinking under packaging and everyone is trying to reduce this. The courier is responsible for items in their possession so I can't see why this is Samsung's fault.
Lastly, is a damaged box more important than receiving a fully functioning laptop?
There's no need to lay it on because you are an emergency worker, we all work! You have created all of this extra hassle, for little reason, just chill out, enjoy your laptop and don't get bogged down with irrelevant stuff.
Laptop that is damaged because of poor quality of packaging is Samsung fault.

As lay it on over my work not at all it was merely to point out that its not something easily i could rectify myself, one due to long hours and two because of a small discount that i receive which is only available online.

I am more than happy for companies to reduce packaging but not when it means a £1500 product is not adequately protected in transit, hence why it has been damaged!
Not once did you mention the laptop sustained any damage.
Others may think differently, which is fine, but i did state damaged in transit due to lack of protection.

Massive whole in box, pushed through into laptop, corners are chipped.

Which is why simply putting a box in a plastic bag is not adequate
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Although your opening post was lengthy you failed to mention the laptop was damaged. Please point out where in your post you stated the laptop was damaged. Two of us can't be wrong.
So is the laptop damaged?
Sorry it doesn't say in original post. That would be my major concern. I totally understand that you are miffed as I do like the outer box with the black paper then opened to reveal the box with product. I noticed my husband didn't get the same presentation as I have.....but his product was low end.....
There has been a lot of recent sales with promotions and that's business but they are obviously having issues as some people are still waiting for orders. Still not on. Hope if it is damaged they can do a doorstop switch. I would be mad but the laptop damage would be my issue. Dpd or courier is responsible to a point. Some packaging I've seen is ott. Then there are other shops that sometimes will send product in the box it comes in and slap a sticker address on.
Many people work or have a life with responsibilities..... the keyworker declaration wasn't needed. Damaged products due to courier and potential bad packaging for transportation by samsung isn't on for anyone regardless of who they are or what their roles are in society.

However you've paid a lot of money and if the laptop is damaged then that's not good.
Will this be samsung' s issue or courier?
Samsung employ DPD as the courier so although DPD will have an agreement with Samsung to pay costs associated, ultimately Samsung is responsible as they are the company i entered into an agreement with. Equally they are the ones who agree for the shipping method and how the items are secured.

My opinion is it should not matter if the item is not damaged but the box is....... the item should be packaged to ensure the item is packaged as such to reduce the risk of damage as it filters through from distribution centres etc which it has not.

I would of hoped Samsung being a premium brand would have thought about this but at an operational level would of had a better reply in the customer service centre.

Some would be happy with a damaged box if the item is undamaged that is a matter of opinion but if the box is damaged who is to say damage that may be hidden inside for a period of time?

Luckily or unluckily for me i did find damage on the device.

The initial post was simply to discuss the poor service received from the service team AND the lack of packaging.

I have previously worked in distribution centre so i know exactly the process items travel, i also know the amount of claims that are rejected as they have been packaged similarly to how mine had been.

I wonder, would anyone on this forum pop there high-end laptop/phone in a box then in a plastic bag and not have a single thought it may not get damaged.............
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Sorry to hear of your experience with Samsung and DPD but thanks for sharing as that is invaluable information for people like myself weighing up purchase options at present. I had ordered a tweaked options laptop from Lenovo but they emailed yesterday to say it would be delayed a further 2 months because of the current chip shortages and did I want to cancel and get a refund? I did, I'll be getting an off the shelf model from somewhere, probably Scan in Bolton as they like to wrap enough bubble wrap around purchases to have a decent game of pass the parcel when it arrives.