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Samsung couriers can time travel

(Topic created on: 17-08-2023 07:48 PM)
This is another rant about the customer service from Samsung. I've always had Samsung's since the A300 so I am a loyal customer. However every interaction I have with their customer service centres pushes me towards switching brands. I don't know how it is possible for them to be so bad.

In the latest episode: I ordered a phone and set the delivery day for a day when I am off work. Due to an issue in work, I now have to work the original day and I'm off 2 days earlier, great. So I contact Samsung and ask them to change my delivery date to the earlier day as I will be home. "no problem sir I will contact the relevant team to action that". I get an email saying they have revised the delivery date and the new delivery date is the same as the original. Maybe an error in the email so I call them up and spoke to a rep who basically told me that in order for them to change the delivery date, the courier has to collect the item from them first, then they can change the delivery date. They then said the courier will collect the item the day before delivery. I explained that this would not work as I wanted the item to be delivered 2 days before the original date so unless the courier is Marty McFly and his delivery van is a Delorean, they wouldn't be able to deliver it the day before they picked it up. This confused the Samsung agent as he again said to me that the courier will collect the item on say Wednesday and then I can contact them and ask them to deliver it on Monday. I tried to explain to him how this was impossible but he was relentless eventually he said this was the only way to change the delivery date. I hung up. 

Every time I have to interact with them something happens I give up with them at this point. Samsung make some great tech, but their customer relations are abysmal.
I've not messaged Samsung support/customer service in nearly 2 years so I can't vouch for what they are like today but in the past I totally agree, I don't know how it's possible for a customer service department to be so bad, the answers I got back were completely surreal sometimes. I however never called them I only emailed them. I've too many stories I could tell but my last interaction with them convinced me I was chatting to bots most of the time. I actually broke down in tears of frustration after weeks of going around in circles speaking to maybe 10 different people over the simplest of issues 😆 then when I told them their incompetence made me cry and that I was done trying I received an £80 voucher as compensation (even though I told them twice in separate emails that I didn't want compensation, they just sent out the same copy and paste email first offering £30, then £50 and finally £80. I accepted the £80 just to stop the madness. Unfortunately I have to get in touch with them sometime in the next month 🙄

Putting aside the fact that they were not really helpful to your situation etc, do you not think that the situation that your were requesting for (to recieve your package 2 days earlier than requested) was rather unlikely to happen anyway? I know that once an order has progressed past the processing stage then there's nothing that can be done but I don't know if that's the case. Regardless, from what it sounds like, Samsung sets the collection date for your order with the courier company, which is 1 day before the date you requested for delivery. If they're telling the truth that it can only be changed when they come to collect it (which is apparently the day before the requested delivery date) then the system in place between Samsung and the courier company doesn't allow for a change to an earlier date once a date has been agreed upon as it will presumably be next day delivery with the courier.
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The last time I looked into changing the dates for delivery I was advised the original order would need to be refunded and then another sale placed and the preferred date then chosen @ChristopherJZ 

Trying to have the date changed on a raised sale I believe can cause this type of issue die to the logistics involved and departments. 


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Ugh yeah my Watch6 delivery by "Samsung UK" was a nightmare...combination of bargain-bin courier company (DPD) and what seems like totally outsourced UK Web shop and customer services. No one seems to care or is willing to be pragmatic and every complaint gets a generic "thanks, we will (wont) look into it"...pretty sure none of these complaints even make it to Samsung proper.