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Samsung campaign is a joke

(Topic created on: 08-12-2020 12:55 PM)
First Poster

I bought a Samsung QLED qe65q90t (TV) in October on a campaign offer. I chose the option of receiving a Odessey G7 as a campaign offer within a month.


I have now been told by Samsung telephone support that I will not receive the monitor before mid/end of January at the earliest.


However Samsung is still selling the monitor on their website with a promised delivery time of 1-3 days. I tried to explain to the customer service on the phone that a simple solution would be to just send me one of those available monitors and cancel the campaign distribution. They were not compliant at all and just told me that this was not according to the terms & conditions.


I am baffled by the complete unwillingness from a multi-billion dollar corporation to come up with a simple and satisfactory solution. You are wiling to talk with me for 45 min on the phone but refuse to forward me to the line manager of customer service as the representative I talked to clearly did not have the authority to come to a solution.


Yes your terms and conditions are clear and will hold up in court. This is not the issue. The issue is that I bought the tv specifically to get the computer monitor for my sons birthday/Xmas and this was the reason I chose Samsung over LG. 


Why can't you just fix this Samsung and send me a monitor?


Best regards

Kristoffer Daag