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S22 preorder not visible, except in incognito mode

(Topic created on: 16-02-2022 12:41 PM)
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I preordered the Galaxy S22 on 15 FEB.

I received the preorder confirmation email which contained the order ID. In the email there is a link, which takes me to a page that asks for the order ID and the order email: I type them then click Search. If I am in an incognito window, I can see my order.

If I am in a normal browser window, whether I am logged in or not, I see the message "You do not have any items in your Orders. " and "Please contact us if you wish to make any changes or find out more about your order.".

I don't see my order if I log in, go to the Orders page, type the order ID. The Order lookup button remains disabled.

I didn't have a Samsung account while preordering. I created my Samsung account after, with the same email I used to preorder.

1. Will the Samsung website associate my preorder with my account in the future? If yes, how long after the preorder?

2. The preorder not appearing in non-incognito browser windows, is this normal?

3. Anyone else experiencing the situation in question 2.?

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Firstly try and clear your browser cache/ cookies.
If you didn't use a Samsung account to order it, then it won't show up when you log in.
When you order something else in the future. Remember to log in first.
Whatever it says when you try your order number now, you have a confirmation anyway. So your order is in.