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S20 ultra order status is backordered

(Topic created on: 01-03-2020 08:14 AM)
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Will my order still make it before March 6 or will it be the 10th like I have heard?

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You may have to probably speak with the Samsung Sales Team for an update @Robertcurry  as the forum isn't connected I believe to the online ordering system.



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The phone is released the 13th and because you preordered you should get it 3 days earlier on the 10th. 


I dont see what samsung gain by making us wait so long and not just announce it and ship it.  This waiting is just a killer

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i called samsung and they told me its because of the coronavirus thats why not enough stock. i pre-ordered my phone with vodafone and my expected arrival date is the 3/4/2020 so im doing it hard they said it may come early if a shipment comes in both samsung and vodafone said this.


I've just phoned up to check to see if they give me the same answer as haven't received any information on expected delivery date an its lost in the warehouse an is getting looked into so not looking good my end either Vodafone done this to me last year with s10 so think it's time to change once the contract is up 

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here is my experience which might answer you

basically after everything samsung did on the upgrade lounge - now they have moved everyone's dispatch original dates of 9/10 march to 30th - without telling or warning anyone:


I am not even sure where to start this email or how to even describe the level of anger and disappointment i am experiencing

you have failed as a company on every single level possible from dealing with my payments and securing my information to providing me with lies over lies 


on the 11th of Feb, after the launch event  - i logged in my upgrade lounge account and upgraded to the s20 ultra - as per the email i received from samsung, having gone thru all the steps with Klarna i was returned to a error page saying the order cannot be completed

I was then advised by one of your CS representative to repeat the process as there was a temporary glitch which was fixed - so I did - but guess what the glitch was still there - and in the spectrum of 2h i end it up with 2 credit agreements against my name and 2x140GBP payments taken from my cards

I had to stop as i didn't want to get a 3rd one and again I was told by your CS this is unfortunate but will be fixed - for 2 days no one called me or contacted me - it wasn't until Thu 13th evening that someone called me and said they're dealing with my query - that she has cancelled one of the agreements and order and placed/pushed thru the next one - i did asked her specifically - when will the delivery date be - the whole reason i was so quick - is because I am travelling to Australia w/c 17th March for 2 months and need the phone before -  she said - delivery for pre orders will start 9th of March but you will get yours most likely earlier or on 9th - between 7-10 AM as you've paid for special slot delivery


Last week - i decided to check again with a representative online if the delivery is on course - as i heard rumours that stock of s20 ultra in uk both on samsung and other suppliers is low and they are not delivering till end of march. The dude on the chat assured me my order is still on track for being delivered but it will now be Tue 10th of March - which was fine


However come today and went to check on the order status as i was expecting some dispatch alert and putting in my details has given me a ''information cannot be displayed'' message so i called your CS and this guys answered and upon checking the status of my preorder he told me is due to dispatch 30th of march!!!!!

firstly i thought he meant 13th so i was like ok why is 13th now - but then he said not 13th 30th!!!!!

i honestly thought someone punched me in the face 



according to him stock is low, as this is a klarna upgrade pre-order - its been pushed down - and there is nothing they can do at this point

I don't need the phone on the freaking 30th - i will be in Australia by then i NEED the phone before

now because of your gross incompetence from day 1 - i am literally left with no choice - no other 3rd suppliers have them in stock and wont deliver them earlier than 31st 


this is unacceptable and i dont know how much longer will you continue ruining my life????

as a result of your mis-managing of the klarna upgrade saga - i ended up with my credit score downgraded by 20 points

i didnt say anything then - as long as i could just get the phone in time

then i was told my data might have been exposed via a breach that occur during those fatidic days

again, i didnt say anything - as long i could get my phone in time


NOW i find out thats not ever going to happen - and Samsung - we have a problem 

I am sick of the thread of lies and incompetence you displayed on this occasion and i will not stand up for such treatment 


I want to know what's happened from the start - how i ended up with multiple credit agreements, and my credit score messed up, how my data was exposed, how i was lied about the delivery date, how placing a order in feb 11th is now due to be delivered on 30th - how i am now on the 3rd, 4th or whatever batch number you have and what are my rights in this process - because i know there have been gross instances of incompetence and i want retribution for this hell


I want first to know exactly what has happened and where did it all go awry 

I want to know why my delivery slot has  been moved from 9/10th march to 30th without being informed 

I want to know what my rights are here and are you doing to fix this

and i want to know how much more lies am i going to be fed - before the truth comes to light


mistakes were made and I am at the end of my patience with you - I am now most likely to not get the phone before i travel to OZ and have no alternatives either - so how much more are you going to screw up my life - before getting simple process right : order - deliver item


for £1400 device that is already destroyed in reviews - i am really not sure anymore this is worth my time or money 


for your reference please also see case 1656621 - 


Please get back to me ASAP with next steps for this complaint as i want this to be answered and sorted before my leaving  

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I received an email stating it's delayed until March 12th.  It also included a $25 off coupon code for my next purchase.

I tried to cancel the order and a window popped up with an additional 10% off if I didn't cancel -- offer accepted! :smiling-face:

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I preordered mine through TMobile and was originally told it would get to me by March 20th. As of this morning, it is June 2nd. Fun times.


I agree with a lot of people here. I pre-ordered the S20 Ultra mid February, I still have an email saying it's to be shipped today. However everyone I've spoken to today with Samsung, and my TelCo are all saying the Ultras will not be shipping until AT LEAST March 30th. 

Coupled with the reviews already being 50/50 on a $1500 phone, and Samsung just not telling customers who already pre-ordered anything. (I was never officially told through email of the back-order, and was only told once I inquired. And even then the sales rep said they had known of it for at least 1-2 days.) On top of the recent news of the updated Screen and Camera tech which would not be on the S20's, and only being supported with major Android updates for 2 years, looks like it's an easy refund from me.

I've cancelled my order, looks like I'm not getting a phone I was excited for, and it honestly leaves a horrible taste in my mouth in regards to Samsung. Might have to start looking at alternatives from different companies and finally not own a Samsung phone.

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I cancelled my order too can't bear with the lies and instead bought the S20 plus which I actually liked more after playing with both in store

Also I don't feel the extra 200 quids are worth esp since the only major difference is the camera and in testing between both phones S20 plus came on top or on par with the ultra

So now am getting the plus on Tue not in April

There's rumours and am starting to believe that the real reason why Samsung is delaying the ultra so much is cz they are working on more software tweaks for the camera but are not ready to be released

As such to avoid people returning the ultra when realising how bad the cameras are...they prefer to just push deliveries as much as possible (not sure which tactic is worse)

With that in mind I had no remorse cancelling my order