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returning trade in handset , been a month and still not recieved and not answering e mails anyone else having this problem

(Topic created on: 04-05-2022 05:44 AM)
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have asked for my trade in handset to be returned and was told processing and may take up to 14 days to arrive , its now almost a month and no contact even though have sent roughly 8 e mails asking whats happening i feel badly let down here as ive been a samsung customer for many years and am left without a phone now ... has anyone else had awful customer service like this ? is not helping me here in any way and im out of patience !

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Unfortunately as part of the Terms and Conditions of Trading in a phone and then wanting it back Samsung say they can't guarantee they can return it and if this becomes the case they'll provide a refund in line what's it's currently worth through the recycle programme @Members_bxaUnyK 

Due to length of time you've been waiting this could be the eventual outcome.

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" For smartphones and tablets : If you exercise your right to cancel and return the new phone during the 28-day cooling-off period, we will endeavour to return your trade-in phone, but this cannot be guaranteed. In the event the old phone cannot be returned MTR will provide you with a cash equivalent price for the old phone based on the price currently payable for your old phone on the Samsung Recycle website ( " 


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