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Poor customer service! False advertising! Items showing in stock when they're not!

(Topic created on: 28-04-2022 10:42 AM)

BE AWARE! Don't expect to get accessories that you order from Samsung!

Samsung are letting people order items that are showing as "in stock" and letting customers pay for them. They are then sending emails to say the items are delayed, even though they are showing as in stock!

My last order I placed, the day before delivery, the order was updated as "delayed."
Six weeks later and several delays and I still did not receive my order and had to cancel the order.

I then had a stock alert to say that chargers had come into stock and cables, so I thought "I will order these items."
I order the items, all showing as "in stock" and available. I ordered the items and was given a delivery slot of the 28th April, 2022 and I placed the order.

This morning I got a message for the new order saying the new order is now delayed until the 12th May, 2022.

Samsung are intentionally misleading customers into believing that items are in stock, allowing customers to order items that they know 'ARE NOT IN STOCK.'

Samsung, you are misleading customers and also using false advertising, advertising items as "in stock" when infact they are "out of stock."

I have just waited over six weeks for essential accessories and been let down. Now you again let me down on the new order.

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I appreciate you've been let down by Samsung with the accessories @Click34 

It is annoying when this happens.

Most of the accessories I've ordered have been delivered on time.

However with the chargers especially the new 45w fast charging variant they are going outiof stock fast because I assume lots of people are placing orders.

I'm interested in the 45w charging brick and received a stock alert message recently, but I was at work so on my break I checked and they'd gone out of stock again.

If a person has a Samsung Experience Store local then it maybe beneficial to call them and ask if they have available stock to pop into to purchase.

Also on the Samsung Online Shop site they sometimes gave the option to check other retailers for an item.

I hope you get your accessory ASAP.

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