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Physical address to start complaint procedure?

(Topic created on: 19-04-2024 03:56 PM)
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Good afternoon everyone,


Like everyone here I'm sure you love the Samsung products but don't love when things don't go to plan.

I first messaged live chat support 21st March about a code that didn't work. The code was expiring 2/4/24.

Every agent I spoke to said my case was being looked into and I'll hear from someone within 48 hours. This repeated for 3 weeks, until I finally got someone to email me.

By this time the code had expired, along with all the offers and now they are refusing to offer me what I could have received right at the start of all this had the code worked.

Mainly its the buds that I want and they keep saying they weren't on offer when I enquired, even though I use time machine sites to few the Samsung site that clearly shows Buds were free during this period.

The esculations person dealing with my case, after me having shared the time machine site screenshots, determined the case was closed.

I'm now looking to send a letter in to officially complain and get the complaints procedure started by no agent will tell me where I can send the complaint to. I thought they had to by law?

They are once again saying someone will email within 48 hours.

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Hi @Members_oHe5lk2  There is no complaints Department as such, contact details are here and there should be a complaint option when you call and other online details here 

Headquarters and The uk President's email can be found here 


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I have an issue with Samsung warranty not being honoured and traiding standards suggest a phisical reccorded letter is sent initially to outline my wrights. Does anyone have a phisical address for Samsung uk and it's complaints department?