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Phone not delivered , even though its in stock

(Topic created on: 10-09-2021 11:57 AM)
John cenas twin
First Poster
I am very disappointed in the service or lack of service i have received from Samsung. phones has been in processing state for a week
The  order was placed for my son, as he started secondary school. Its always an exciting feeling to get a new phone. Especially after we both went to the apple and Samsung stores.  
i always been a Samsung customer for phones and tv's.  However, after this experience I have come to realise that brand loyalty means nothing to yourself.
After the order was placed, it got paused for a silly issue of address formatting which anyone could easily workout. After that was dealt with it got paused again because your staff thought that i should upgrade rather than get a new line (none of anyone's business)
I explained that i wanted the S21 ultra 512gb as my upgrade but you dont offer that on EE , it has to be purchased outright.  after dealing with that unnecessary issue it got through credit check and was accepted.
Since then i have had no order update, im unable to even use your online track order facility to check my order.  When i called through the staff said I didnt login when placing the order hence i cant check my order status.  
I have been recalling everyday to get an update on my order to which no staff are able to give me a date, they are only able to say its processed and awaiting stock.   the phone is showing as in stock online as we speak.
the sheer frustration of this whole order has deeply disappointed me i always valued samsung phones and tvs, but you dont care about your customers.  
lack of responses on social media, or on the phone after 30 mins of waiting.  only JB was helpful on chat as he looked into my order.  Again no eta on my order. where other just turned me away on chat.
the only good thing is my son is unaware that he is getting a new phone.  
i will never get a phone via samsung again lesson learnt