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Package delivered but it is not

(Topic created on: 27-01-2024 03:16 AM)
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When i preordered new phone it says delivery at 26th of january, but on samsung website i see it is delivered on 25th. I checked but it is not, waited next day because maybe it says delivered when it arrived in post office, went to post office and they cant do nothing because samsung didnt give me tracking number but using google and again samsung official faq it says i will recive in email tracking number when its shipped....

On 26th same story...nothing. contacted live support and it is complete mess, one agent says cant do nothing to send email to samsung switzerland, i send it in english and german nothing, probably need to wait at least monday.

Then i google samsung lost/stolen package and i see samsung form to fill it but form doesnt recognize order number so i cant do nothing.

Open another live chat and guy is sending me email to contact with domain .at which is Austria not Switzerland.

This is completely crazy. No tracking number, cant check at post office, live support crazy, samsung switzerland email no answer and all i can do is hope for email reply on monday.

Courier which again dont know nothing who is it needed to scan package so customer (me) can see on official website it is delivered. But who delivered? Who recived it? There must be some records...


What to do??

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Hello @Ivica2 

First I'm sorry to hear your caught up in all of this in regards to your delivery. 

Just to advise you have posted on the eu Samsung Community Forum. 

It may also be beneficial to post on your own regions too. 

In regards to Samsungs side please keep persevering with them and look for any contact details for the Samsung Online Shop Team as they are the department to speak with. 

A last resort would be to contact your bank or which ever financial bifmdy you used to pay for the phone tonadvjse you haven't received the item. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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