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Ordered new phone no confirmation

(Topic created on: 16-02-2023 09:59 PM)
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I ordered Samsung S23 ultra on the Samsung site in lavender and the money has come out of my bank £89 upfront cost I'm up front cost and I set up direct debit and I do not have a confirmation email I have called twice I have emailed about I have even been on live chat and I have no help and I have no help whatsoever I do not want my order I do not want my order to be cancelled can somebody can somebody please tell me if you have been through a situation similar and did you and did you actually receive your mobile phone ??

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It can sometimes take a short while for Samsung to send confirmation while they set up your order request @Members_TLk3O7e 

Especially at this busy period with lot's of people taking advantage of the pre ordering stage which ended yesterday.

I appreciate your keen to know things are progressing 👍 

Also please check in any email spam folders just incase the email has been sent their by your email filters.

If you've ordered via the Samsung UK Shop Site then you can ring or email them.

Samsung Online Shop Team.
0330 726 7467

e :

The upfront cost you mention won't possibly have been collected by Samsung just yet.

Your bank will have most likely gated that amount off waiting for Samsung to collect.

If the funds do drop back into your available balance then something has failed however.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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