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Ordered Fold 3 via upgrade lounge.

(Topic created on: 05-09-2021 01:00 AM)
Hello all.

Just after some information regarding how this works as it's my first time.

I logged into the upgrade lounge using surname and loan number, didn't log into Samsung account though during checkout but don't think it matters.

My order isn't due until the 24th if September but I'm curious how it all works such as the return of the old device? Do I get packaging and instructions sent with the new phone or before/after?

Will I receive any more information via email as I only have order confirmation so far.

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Your details and packing for returning your old device normally comes separately. Always has for me.
A you get is an envelope with a bag, a letter with details and a peal off label with the returns address.
There's a slip with instructions on returning your old device.
Normally if you have the box your old phone came in, just pop that in the bag.
You won't need to put the charger or other accessories back in the box. Just the phone.
Be sure to reset your old phone to factory settings after signing out of all your accounts on it
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Hi @Matty8787 


Just to add to @Glenntech good advice 👍 I would also suggest to take time and date stamped pictures of the phone to show it's aesthetic condition with one of it turned On.

If possible remove the sim card tray and if you have  thenwater sensors on show i.e a white pad take a shot of that too.

Make sure you reinsert the sim card tray.

When sending off the Returns Pack be sure to get some form of postage and check that the parcel is insured for loss or damage in-transit.

You should receive the Returns Pack in around 7 days. 

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