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Order completely removed during preorder.

(Topic created on: 11-08-2023 12:00 PM)
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Greetings all.

I could really use some advice and definitely need my spirits lifted.

I was out on a fishing vacation during most of the fold5/flip5/watch6 pre-order.  I made it back in time yesterday and got everything sorted online with a samsung expert.

Or so I thought...

I went to pay and my cart was emptied out. This repeated several times. Ae time ticked diwn to midnight, my $900 credit evaporated and went to $600. My fold5 trade in, same. Etc, etc.

All said, with all discounts and trade ins I lost the following deals:

Fold5 for $580 and change; Flip5 fot $40 some dollars, watch6 classic for $152; two pairs of Buds2 pro for 48 dollars each, protective screens, cases, etc.

I am devastated.

The Samsung expert told me, "Well, you had two weeks." 🤯😭🤬

I really feel that there should be an appeal process where Mt values, prices, discounts, etc. can be applied. 

I'm a Samsung lifer, but this really has hurt me to my core, and I simply can't afford the prices now that I've looked at them post pre-order.


How can I escalate this? 

Thanks and appreciate your help.


Samsung Members Star ★
I know here in the UK.
Promotional offers are run by a third party, and usually have strict criteria rules.
If it the same in the US, then I'm not sure if you can do anything.
Best thing is to ask on the US community to see if locally your rules are different

Hi @amp3 ,


Glenntech is right: there's not much we can do for you on this one from here, and it might be best to share your experience on the US Community: where the team there can pick it up and see if there's anything they can do to help out.


Of course, you're always welcome on our Community too if you want to stick around or visit us folks in the UK & Ireland any time.


Hope that things turn around for you. 🍀