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New Update - Day 42 Latest update of Where in the World is my S22 Ultra (Still Not HERE)

(Topic created on: 26-03-2022 08:53 AM)

Still No word! (Again!)

Douglas Adam taught us all that the answer to the universe and everything is '42' - However, this being day 42 for me, the Universe and especially SAMSUNG seems to be lost on SAMSUNG!

This is in continuation of my last post, Day 39 Latest update of Where in the World is my Red S22 Ultra (Hint, it's not here!).


Updated Timeline:

  • 2022-03-23:
    SAMSUNG emails us their $50 e-voucher - for a 'mobile' product, which is nice, and valid from April 1st until December 31st.

    Many of you think it's not much, and I get it, but it is something - look, I love y'all but they aren't going to offer us watches and ear buds and the like, so I respectfully agree to disagree with you, but they could have offered buds, and something else:
    SAMSUNG you should have issued us a gift certificate or a e-voucher to any place we can spend money, like Amazon, Walmart - or just a VISA or MC e-voucher we can use anywhere else online.

    No offense SAMSUNG, but your "mobile" products like accessories are slim pickings and already way too overpriced.

    ...and then all of a sudden, my Processing turned to Being Dispatched!

    Hooha! The long wait is almost at an end... or is it?

    Nope. Being Dispatched should be 24-48 hours, until you get a FedEx email, but alas - 48 hours passes by and it's the weekend, and since they use FedEx weekday delivery, ya know it's not coming soon.

  • 2022-03-24:
    Their 'Order' page goes caput for what seemed like a good 18 hours - pretty long glitch!

    People don't like the e-voucher, and start calling/chatting with SAMSUNG, and one avid SAMSUNG Rep sends a screenshot to a member outlining how SAMSUNG "has the right to delay" and there's nothing we can do about it, offer any compensation, etc... in a fit of one-uppeded-ness- my apologies, I can't find the screenshot of where I saw it, but if anyone has it or finds it, please post it below.

    Another Rep told jgohil it's FedEx's fault.

    IfLySoLO updated us that "there is a list of 6000 exclusive color orders that are delayed and my order is on that list! Could be 2-3 weeks again or less or more. No guarantee."

  • 022-03-25:
    Turns out scammers and the lot are monitoring our communities - here's a PHISHING email I got today:


    ...and no word.

  • You know I posted screenshots of my "Day 39" post onto Samsung's FB page:


    ...and yup, you guessed it, still no answer!

  • 2022-03-26:

    What will happen today?

    No idea!

    Somehow I don't expect my phone to become SAMSUNG's #1 priority to be delivered over-night using a super duper express delivery because that would be "dreaming" and "hoping" that SAMSUNG changes it's way overnight.

You know SAMSUNG, I work as an IT Analyst, so it's my job to respond to IT issues and the like, deal with customers, and this is where I see some major short-comings with your customer service:

- Live chat: usually 1-2 hour wait to talk to a rep on their, with answers ranging from wait another 24-48 hours, or 1-2 weeks

- No email: so no ticket to be opened, no major issue coverage on their side as far as we can tell (they might have a service management tool, I don't know, I don't work there)

- Calling: Again, see Live chat - same, but with a human being on the other end

- Reps: these people are either not well trained and resort to making stuff up, or brilliant lying to us because they know what's wrong, or really are good at their job but limited in scope because your system trackers are so bad that besides us, and them, there are blind spots where things disappear and then somehow magically re-appear

- Oh, and let's not forget the smug one-upped-ness of some Reps who get a thrill of just trying to shut us down

Before I get into "what" you could have done SAMSUNG, here's a list of the new threads since my last post on the S22 Ultra special colors debacle:

1. S22 Ultra Exclusive Color Delivery

2. Wow Just Wow Samsung

3. S22 Pre-Order Compensation

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6. Samsung Customer Service is lying to Customers about S22 Ultra Order


8. 44 days...

9. S22 Ultra white - How do you like it?

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12. A lesson must be learned from all this - S22 Debacle

- Love this post - it shows how SAMSUNG has not listened to its' past customer complaints, and CHMultimedia does a great analysis about SAMSUNG, their communication with us, and their bad communication skills - again, very well done CHMultimedia!

13. Samsung Canada Order/Status page is Down

14. Galaxy buds pro
- This one is sort of related...

15. Samsung Canada gotta get their s**t together

16. Wooh an "e voucher" -_-

17. Finally on the way!

18. $50 e Voucher


Mind you not every post was bad - actually some people have their phones being sent to them (congrats... I think... for them to get their phone, but to SAMSUNG for trying to catch up...? eh...), however the reply sections of those posts are filled with, yup, you guessed it, complaints!

Now, that's 15 from my last thread, to 19 above and 20 if you now include this thread! - which makes 35 posts on this "issue" with some type of discussion about late delivery and bad customer service... in case you weren't keeping score SAMSUNG!

Okay, well that's the "new new" summary of our issue, and as before I encourage everyone to - if you want to show SAMSUNG how bad their customer service really is - reply to this post and let them know!

Now, I know, I know, you're going 'hey Mark, we have been doing that for weeks, and it seems quite pointless, why should we do it again?

Great question my new passive aggressive friend - here's why:

1. If you specifically give this post, the main post a "like", it will be moved to the top of the leader board on the main "S" community board - new people will see that they're not the only ones who got shaft-ed, and reply to this post and add to the chorus.

2. EVERYONE deserves to be heard.

Now, SAMSUNG, what do you need to do on your end, sort of "high-level" speak:

1. Improve your tracking so a customer Rep knows where the phone is in your system

2. Get better at providing "realistic" and real-world delivery estimates to your customers - what makes this increasingly annoying and stressful is that you put all your customers in the dark - if you are honest and provide a reliable date for delivery, you might not have seen so much venom from this community - not to mention, my order page is still listing March 5th as my delivery date - dear SAMSUNG - C'MON!

3. Empathize with your customers - it shouldn't take a class action lawsuit to help smooth over this hatred - cause that's what it is growing into - again, an e-voucher from VISA or MC or an Amazon voucher would have been better...
- these customers are very loyal to your brand - why else would anyone want these specific colors other than the hard-core SAMSUNG lovers

If anyone wants to add to my list above for SAMSUNG, please free to reply and do so.

Remember, like the main post of this "post" so it gets to the top of the leaderboard
- HELP increase our visibility.

Day 42 will probably go past Day 50 by the looks of things - and alas, I promise I will keep you all informed on my end.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Have a great Day 42 from me!



I was wondering reading your - literally - desperate post... waiting for your phone... if this is not actually a therapy... To wait and learn to wait for things. Indeed we are too much used to get things within hours or within a week that when it takes too long we get nervous xD.

And in any case it is a pre-order so the best scenario is that the phone you will have, will have been produced JUST for you! 🙃No phone produced for no-one (yet) - - >no un useful trash - - > thisMIGHT BE considered as a conscious production (though they would have marketed it this way 🤣


Lol. Desperate post? Haha... Dude - I am patient - but up to a point. 

Calling an orange an orange and not a banana is the right thing to do - it's horrible customer service!

They over  stretched - they have no idea where anything is - and they give everyone the run around.

I find it funny that people think other people calling them out on stuff... is, well... funny?



I agree. As someone who also hasn't had delivery of either of the devices I've ordered from Samsung it really is a bit of a joke. The service is terrible every time you speak to someone and you never get anywhere is getting a realstic date for delivery.

You can see how anti-consumer they are with practices like listing phones and tablets in stock that they do NOT have in stock. Delays can happen, but there's no excuse for just being a ***** company. At least just tell the truth!


 I just wanted to add a positiv touch to this never-ending waiting... I am also victim of 😇

Hopefully we will receive it soon! 

Helping Hand

not delivering for month and and a half is one outrageous failure of Samsung to respect their customers. shame on Samsung for this failure. 

Support being less usefull and less helpfull than a zero is anouther outrage to shame Samsung for. 

The only one who needs therapy is the person who suggests therapy for the rightfully and correctly angry customer, after the customer's money has been taken and he is played for a fool, for a month  and a half withoud delivery. I fully agree, calling anorange an orange is not a therapynsign, it is stating the truth. calling an orange an apple is sign for therapy. Marek1221, i hope you get your phone soon, in the meanwhile apply for refund, and buy another brand. there is no louder statement for a companybthan return it, refund and buy competitor's product. This iswhat samsung fears the most, this is what hurts samsung the most. 

The FACT that i PRETEND to believe you, DOES NOT mean i actually believe you.