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My tablet was stolen in the DPD post

(Topic created on: 16-09-2022 10:55 PM)

I am writing this absolutely fuming (I have contacted Samsung but who knows when they will reply)

I ordered a Samsung Tab A8 (10.5", wifi) brand new for uni. I am a student so this was not an impulse buy. All I thought was going well, I had a nice delivery day when I knew I would be home all day. All was well. 

I get my delivery and the parcel has a box in it that is rattling. Strange I think, but the delivery van has driven away. I open the box to my shock horror find my invoice, and a stack of dpd 'sorry we missed you' type slips. No tablet in sight. No charger. No box. No manual. 

It was stolen in transit. 

Why do I think it was stolen rather than lost?
1. My (torn) invoice was there meaning the Samsung warehouse would have put it in with the tablet. If the tablet package was lost, so would the invoice be. 
2. The entire tablet box was missing and replaced with a scruffy cardboard box in the packaging that was addressed with my name and address and sealed. If the tablet package was lost in the post why would they reseal the packaging with my address on it and send an empty box to me. 
3. The dpd 'sorry we missed you' pamphlets were inside the cardboard box as if placed there to mask the weight. 

I am absolutely fuming. You'd expect Samsung a reputable brand to entrust a suitable deliverer with costly items. Whilst my tablet isn't expensive, it isn't cheap. What is worse, is that they had the nerve to deliver me a box full of pamphlets to my actual address inside the packaging that my tablet was actually supposed to be. 

Knowing customer services, Samsung will be very difficult in giving me a refund or sending me my actual tablet because capitalism... 


Edit 1: I'm going to call the non-emergency police number tomorrow. 
Why did you accept the package 📦 ? Why didn't you call the police there and then ? Sorry to say you could pretend to have not received it I know this is harsh but there's tons of people who do that also did dpd take a picture before he released the parcel to you ? If yes you don't have a leg to stand on as he just going to show picture case closed

The support just sends you in circles and then they cut you off

Update: got a full refund after many months of haggling
First Poster
Hi guys
I bought a galaxy watch 5 44mm golf edition. It arrived and I did not like it .arrange for a return.Dpd guy collected it and gave me a receipt. Got an email from Samsung they cannot refund as it a non Samsung product return when they send me a picture shat they have received. I was horrified a box of jammi dodjers this is no fun .I have been backward and forwards with samsung not getting anywhere. I do not think if you something from Samsung and if you do not like it
It's a bloody risks your taking to send it back .S big company like samsung should have a better return policy. Its a joke how could someone do this and able to live normal not a human .I am out of pocket .All I'm getting with samsung they looking into it .someone has stolen my return item.