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My Experience of S23 U delivery and some other observations

(Topic created on: 20-02-2023 08:42 AM)

I ordered an online exclusive colour on 05 February along with a basic case. The date was shown as “Delivery From 18/02/2023”. I meant this to be that it will be delivered after that. The case was delivered on 13/02/23 but phone was stuck on Processing and when you click for more information, it showed order confirmed. On Saturday 17/02/23, I got an email in the morning saying that the deliver was delayed but did not give a date for the delivery. I went online and it was showing delivery from 21/03/23.

 to cancel the order, there was no option to cancel so I thought as they have made changes, I should be able to cancel on Monday. Around 1830, I got message from Samsung and DPD that my phone was with DPD. On Sunday morning, I got text that phone will be delivered between 10 and 11, and it was !

It appears that Samsung either have automated systems that are sending the delay emails or something else is not connecting all their systems together.

I have been reading some other queries here and here is some more information:

I never use smart switch. I download the apps and then restore setting, messages etc from the Samsung back up. This way you get most of your settings back without any issues.

  • Disney Plus, my UK order also had 6 months Disney Plus incentive. I searched how to redeem it online and it took me to a page where Samsung says login to redeem, I now have the code.
  • Colour of the S Pen (the part that shows at the bottom. The S Pen itself is black but the part that shows at the bottom is the same colour as the rest. I have sky blue but the sides, top and bottom is silver / steel / chrome colour.
  • Wifi, I have had no problems connect to 6E wifi router and there have been no connection issues.
  • The clear, basic case. I have that case (because why go for a particular colour and then hide it under a case). It was extremely tight, but then I discovered by accident that the sides of the phone has a clear protective tape on them. If you remove it, it will be easy to take it out, put it inside the case.

I know this is no comfort to those who are having delays in delivery and issues with the phone, but as you are spending so much money on the phone, I hope you all get to enjoy it and get yours delivered soon.


I ordered my s23ultra Sky Blue Feb 7 at the Samsung store and hopefully it will be delivered this Saturday Feb 25. 

How dit you download everything from your phone? With a USB stick or to your Samsung account? 


Hi Elsy,

You will get it very near to, if not on the date that shows on the order. I also got the bag, and leaflet etc for the part exchange.

I used the USB and Smart Switch previously and had no end of problems. Now, i backed up everything on Samsung cloud on my S22U, then refused all the invites when setting up the S23U and then went into Back up and restore and down loaded all. The only thing i had to save on my PC was music, videos and Docs. 

Even after that i had an issue that i could not get to Recovery mode (to do Cache Part Clean) and then found out that it was an old wallpaper that was stopping it.