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Major Bug in Samsung Online Store

(Topic created on: 25-07-2023 08:26 PM)
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I was given a Samsung gift card recently and wanted to purchase an accessory.  I added the item, added my 8,000 reward points, then tried adding my gift card. After this the sytsem gave an error saying reward points could not be used. Not a bother I thought. But then I tried again, but no options existed. I checked my account only to find out my Samsung rewards points have been taken from my account when the purchase didn't even go through. How can this happen on a site as large as this. Of course the live chat agents dont have a clue and can't even access the rewards section of our accounts. They just give out incorrect phone numbers where more people who don't have a clue talk to you. Sorr this out Samsung!
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Hi @cmjpask 

I've read this has happened to other purchaser's before and then found that in a few working days as Samsungs systems catch up they have dropped back into their Samsung Account. 

If they don't then have a word with the Samsung Online Shop Team to see if they can help or your regions Samsung Support Team.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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