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Lies from customer services

(Topic created on: 09-04-2022 08:49 PM)
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I ordered and payed for my Burgundy S22 Ultra 256GB on 18/2/22, the delivery date was supposed to be 19/3/22 now after numerous text and telephone chats with agents I still have no phone and no date for delivery in sight, I have all the message references and nobody to send then to with my complaint, everyday I chat with an agent and everyday I am told different lies and false promises.

Now my polite rant is over to the point, Samsung customer service is utter garbage and this will be the last piece of Samsung kit I will buy, which is a great shame as the equipment is first class but the way you are treated is lower ghan a worms belly.

If someone from Samsung wants to contact me please do and I will give you all of the evidence as well as ghe fact I offered to change colours and upgrade to a 512GB or even 1TB and pay the difference to get my order delivered.

Also I declined cancellation and re order as I would through no fault of my own lost £130.00 on the trade in price and the offered Buds Pro.


Welcome to the Club!!

I have pre-ordered the S22 Ultra 256gb Black in February.  The delivery should be around 25. February...

First time I have contacted the customer service( 1st March ) in Norway to ask what is happening, why I didn't get any information or the phone yet?

They said that it was some import problem because Norway is not EU, but it's fixed now so I will get it in couple of days...


A week later on 8th of March I have contacted them again to ask the same thing.

They said that because of DEMAND for this phone, its a bit late, but coming in couple of days. I told them that I will loosen the HUGE DEMAND after this phone, so i will cancel my order.. after this , they offered me a 800 NOK worth coupon in Samsung online shop, and i will get this when the phone arrives..

I said ok ... I can wait a little bit more..

After another week of waiting,  I have contacted them AGAIN on 25th March.

I have asked the same question again , and told them that that I'm not stupid and I want to cancel my order because I don't like when someone is lying to me..

So they repeat the same BS again... like HUGE DEMAND... so they have offered me a Duo Charger because the phone is late..and ofc I will get it together with my phone!!

Ok... too good to be true !! But lets give it a try!

Again.. nothing..  So on 1st of April I have talked with them AGAIN , to tell them that they lie, all the time, and I want to cancel my order.. I don't care anymore! It was enough of BS!!

The agent offered me a price off when the phone arrives !! So this was highly suspicious so I have asked him that if the 800NOK coupon code , the Duo Charger and the price cut is real??!!

After some time he replied that I can't get the Duo Charger because it is ONLY for the customers who's delivery got delayed... and he can't tell me how much the price off is until delivery....WTF???!!!

Ok enough is enough!! I Cancel my order!

The agent said he can't cancel it because its already sent. I have then asked for the tracking no.  but he didn't have ANY, so I told him that I will contact the Norwegian costumer protection agency immediately !

So he found a way to cancel it in 1 min...

So GOOD JOB Samsung!! I will never ever buy your product!!!




Try writing to them. UK details are
Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited c/o Samsung E-store Team,
Samsung Customer Support Centre,
Selectapost 38, Sheffield,
S97 3FJ, UK