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Lie after lie. Samsung should be reported to the Consumer Protection Act.

(Topic created on: 15-03-2023 09:53 PM)
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I ordered my Z Flip 4 mid Jan. When I bought it, Samsung marketed it with a 3-4 week delivery. Mid Feb, I get an email on the morning of my delivery to say there has been a further delay to beginning of March. A little frustrated, but it is what it is. Beginning of March, receive another email to say there is a further delay until mid March.. now we're getting annoyed. Today is the day I was supposed to receive my phone, although majority of the day goes by, and I do not receive an email or anything. I decided to call them. I found out that there is a further delay, but this time.. a date can not be confirmed when I would be due to receive it. Now I am fuming. I have had to reach out myself, only to find this out. I don't understand how you can change the goalpost 4 times. If Samsung informs the customer at the beginning, prior to commitment of purchase, that there is a backlog in supply and there is a wait time of 2,3,4 months of whatever.. then fine, at least you are informing the customer and setting the expectation from the start. To be told one date, then another, then another then another.. it's a joke. I have tried to speak to them on the phone, but they have no answers. No one can actually answer my queries.. it's all: "I don't know", "My manager is not here", "We cannot update you in writing", "We will let you know once we have an update", "We cannot discuss compensation until you have received your phone, but we don't know when you'll receive it"?!?!?. I am so gutted because I have been a die hard Samsung user majority of my tech savy life. This experience has been a bismal. JOKERS. #Samsung #ConsumerProtectionAct #Bull*hit .

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I totally understand and appreciate it's frustrating when a phone that's been chosen goes on a supplier related delay @Members_KzHRzRq 

Takes a little bit of shine off the initial excitement of choosing and ordering.

May I ask did you order an online exclusive colour or large internal storage capacity model ?

Communication is key which in my own personal experience Samsung has been good at via emails etc.

I hope you receive your phone ASAP.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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